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We need TS2 SPACE 50 Mbps upload and down load
Please want to have an internet connection for office used in Sierra Leone. we need full details of the various Connection and procedures Company Name: Tradin Organic Company SL. Thanks
Internet services
Need prices and terms for Businesscom Networks internet service in Sierra leone
Dear Sir/Madam my name is Amara former employee for Sniper hill in iraq i need Mr Wallace contact information
Looking for better services
My name is Abdul R. Gassama, an American citizen currently in Sierra Leone on a short visit. I am with Ideal Consultancy and Services, and representing their services world wide. This is relating to an investment matter, so I highly recomend to get in touch with me. Thanks! Respectfully, Abdul R. Gassama.
becoming a partner...
Hello, we are launching some C band satellite services on a full africa coverage and came across your web site. We believe our pricing is very competitive. Can you let us have details about becoming partners and how we can referrals. Thank you.
Satellite Internet
I am a translator recently moved to Sierra Leone. I would like to know: 1. what the cost would be of having TS2 SPACE Satellite Internet connection just outside Kenema (close to military barracks) 2. how soon can it be installed. Thank you. Best, Mar
High speed internet connection
Hi my company has got a project in Matru Jong and I have visited there last year. I will be 5 km away from Matru Jong closer to Tissana village and I have been there too. While my stay there to do some project studies, I had a big problem with internet access. I could only communicate with my office abroad by SMS. So what best package / deal that you could provide me for my stay there. There would be 10-20 of us in total for the project. I will need to send and receive AutoCAD drawings, scanned documents and etc. If I need to get a satellite for better reception please do let me know urgently. I am scheduled to be in Freetown in the next 10days and I need an answer to finalize by then. Looking forward to hear from you soon.
ISP Quote
Dear Sir/Madam, My name is Kendro. I would like to inquiry do SpaceX provide an internet service with IP static or dynamic for Sierra Leone? If yes, would you please quote each the price including every download and upload speed? Thank you. Best regards, Kendro
Quote for a 10Mbps dedicated internet
I want to get a quote for a Businesscom Networks 10Mbps dedicated internet to be installed at an office in Freetown
how are you i need Businesscom Networks service but i don't have money
VSAT Internet Connection
Hi, Our politcal party is looking for a communication and data transfer option to send election votes to tally centers in March 2018. We looking for a reliable internet service thats not reliant on our local ISP or communication network. This would be required for the whole country. Is this possible? Kind Regards, Ishmael
Hello here.i want to do business with you guys but am in sierra leone by the way who is your contact person in sierra leone am i to reach? thansk alot
Provision of VSAT internet service
Need an ISP provider for Businesscom Networks VSAT download 10mbs, upload 2mbs
Provision of VSAT internet service
We are looking for an ISP provider for our office who will be able to support us with internet connectivity for download of 10mbs and upload 2mps
Wifi in New Villa in BO
Hi we are moving it to a new Villa in BO and would like to have Wifi that can handle large amounts of data, Could TS2 SPACE send what packages are readily available, and how long would it take to set up ?
V-SAT Service
Dear Sir/Madam, We are Atlas Communications Pcs Ltd, an ISP company in Sierra Leone. We will like to have you as our V-SAT providers for the 8 terminals that we currently have in Sierra Leone. Please provide us with quotes and any other further details that will be necessary to establish business relationship. Best regards, Jacob (Ag Managing Director)
Saterlite communications internet and voice
Hi i have a small mine in sierra leone and there is no communication at all on our prposed new site i need a cheep but reliable system that can self installed (or by agent) so a price on equipment and monthly rent is needed
Satellite Internet with Installation Cost
Please provide prices for broadband Satellite in Sierra-Leone. 2Mbps Down 512Kbps up 5Mbps Down 1.5Mbps up 10Mbps Down 2Mbps up 20Mbps Down 5Mbps up Conditions: Unlimited No FAP(Fair Access Policy applied) Price per month Lead-time for delivery How long does it take to upgrade
VSAT Bandwith
Please provide me with a quote for Vsat equipment and cost of monthly bandwidth for unlimited use, i want to become an ISP
We are the Growth Center Internet Cafe in Bo Southern, Sierra Leone, we want to know more about your services you offered. Thanks
Satellite TV provider
Am trying to get a contact so I can be a satellite TV provider in my country. Hence the TV should be able to provide a news channels, football channels and entertainment channels. Am looking forward to you all . Thanks .
Satellite service for a company network
Our company is looking for the Internet via satellite options in Sierra Leone for corporate office with 20-50 users on-line. Shared and dedicated options considered. Please provide your service options and pricing as well as required hardware and cost. Thank you!
can you provide a proposal for us?
our site locates in Mamamah new airport, Potlokoh district, we need 2Mbps of internet, can you provide? thank you!
For my computers
Just to connecting
Satellite Internet with Installation Cost
We need your contact to (Tel.)
We need internet connection so want to known your terms and conditions so reply me pls.
Hello Dear, Please I would like more info how can i have a satellite internet to Sierra Leone & what is the cost of the Equipment & the monthly Fee & what are the Speed together with the allowed a month. Also I would like to if in the night i would have a free download limit at certain time. As the one i am having from Italy now i have free downloads from 8pm till 6am in the morning & that doesn't cut from my 50GB allowance i have every month. Please I am looking forward to hear from you.
we require reliable i/n service from Bo, Sierra leone
I need to connect to the internet using the this ISP provider
The place is located where no isp in our country can reach.I need to know about the installation cost and other necessary details.Thank you for your attention.
How To Puchase the Service
I would love to purchase the service but will love to know how it works
satellite internet
satellite internet and tv watch
Need Vsat
We have a classroom with 45 regular computers. we have 40 users at peak time, we are looking for Vsat equipment with internet service provider
satellite Internet and email
We have solar power and need to know how many watts it takes, We have a classroom with 30 zero clients and a server and five regular computers. we have 1200 students rotating through. We are in Serabu, southern province 45 miles from Bo. Annual rate must be reasonable.
High Speed Internet capable of quick Data Transfer
Need to be able to communicate via email including graphics. Can my Bill or monthly bill be sent to my office in Tempe AZ 85282
VSAT Procurement
Needs a Main Hub with 8 connections or transmission stations
What needs to be done
I'm a native of Sierra Leone and wish to have an internet service from you as providers. I don't know much about speed of internet an all the likes. however, I'll appreciate if you can tell me how I can possibly get this service, the cost of the service that can be suitable for the convenient running of 1 PC and also 5 to 10 PCs. all at a reasonable speed. thanks.
connection system
Good afternoon, I would like to ask how is it with the connection system (dish etc.), do you provide it also or it s up to me? Thank you, Roman Roznovsky
satellite internet
Hi .... i ask for satellite internet at Sierra Leone
i want to connect internet for 6 mb
I need speed internet 4 Mega Unlimited in Sierra Leone via satellite that can be an easy target with the company's own you need to offer price
Looking for broadband internet in Sierra Leone
We need internet connection via satellite in Sierra Leone. Please, send us information about prices and procedures Thanks
Dears, We are looking for Internet via Satellite services. Please provide us prices for one-way and two-ways satellite channels to internet for Sierra-Leone, Freetown.
Required - Internet 2 MBPS, for 10 people. Currently I have one Satelite internet,not happy in Sierra Leone
Ruth Mc Guiggan
Please provide prices for broadband Satellite in Sierra-Leone. 2Mbps Down 512Kbps up 5Mbps Down 1.5Mbps up 10Mbps Down 2Mbps up 20Mbps Down 5Mbps up Conditions: Unlimited No FAP(Fair Access Policy applied) Price per month Lead-time for delivery How long does it take to upgrade
Please provide me with a quote for Vsat equipment and cost of monthly bandwidth for 30 users unlimited


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