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South Korea has transformed the economy into one which is progressively knowledge based. This country has gone on and invested heavily in the telecommunication infrastructure over the last ten years. This country has been ranked position one out of the 34 countries on the list of the Asian Telecom Maturity Index score of 92. According to the Asian Telecoms Maturity Index, has been the index on a scale of 0-100 and it measures as well as ranks relative maturity of telecoms industry in all of 34 countries in the Asian continent. About the other Asian countries, this country has a very high mobile as well as mobile broadband penetration as well as high fixed broadband penetration.

The fixed lines in this country have gradually fallen over the past few years. This trend has been predicted that it is going to continue over the coming five years to the year 2022. South Korea has one of the active global telecommunications as well as information Technology markets that is backed by the strong support from the government. And the commitment of the government, this sector has been boosted by the innovative private sector as well as the technological savvy population. Investing in the ICT and the high technology equipment has aided in leading the transformation of the economy.

Government focuses on being able to transform this country into the knowledge-based information society in the ‘Smart-Age.’ The Huawei Company has been able to partner with the LG U+, mainly for the launch of the Seoul Techcity that is part of the commitment to be able to drive the smart city efforts. Seoul Techcity collaborative projects focus on delivering the smart city capabilities for Korean Capital. This country has among the highest number of broadband services for every capita. This nation has a policy emphasis on being able to establish the Ultra-Broadband convergence Network with the 1 GB/s speeds on the fixed lines and the 10MB/s on the wireless.

The fixed-line broadband markets penetration rates has developed slowly over the last five years in the highly mature market. In the coming five years, to the year 2022, there is the development that has been expected to continue to increase slowly. SK Telekom went on and announced the introduction of the new technology to the year 2022 growth that has been expected to continue to increase slowly. The SK Telecom went on and announced the introduction of the new technology for the next generation of the Wi-Fi which it claims that it can easily deliver the downlink speeds as high as the 5G technology.

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