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Last Inquiries from South sudan

having starlink internet
i would like to have a internet connection in malakal. I wanted to know the prices and how it would be done
Zain Sudan Pay as You Go
how to stop it or deactivate it
Providing internet to impoverish corners of Africa
Greetings , My company is interested in providing internet to some of the most impoverished and poor countries in Africa that have high internet costs and few connections . I humbly ask how you can you assist us . ? Can we purchase satellite service from your company and subsidize ? Your prompt reply is highly appreciated. Thank you .
توصيل الانترنت عبر الأقمار الصناعية
توصيل الانترنت عبر الأقمار الصناعية في دولة جنوب السودان TS2 SPACE - NSS -12/Arabsat 5C satellite Internet
توصيل الانترنت عبر الأقمار الصناعية
توصيل الانترنت عبر الأقمار الصناعية في دولة جنوب السودان SpaceX Broadband Satellite
Teleport Africa vsat avilability and price range
Inquiring about vsat services for internet connectivity in south sudan. Would like to know the packages available
UNISFA is a UN mission in Abyei. I am looking at the possibility of you providing internet wifi connectivity to the Ghana Battlion here of about 600 all ranks and the cost involved. However note that the whole batallion is not located at one place. There are about 6 different positions with the furthest from each other being about 30km. Kindly send me your solution plan for consideration. Thanks
Thuraya phones
Dear Sir/Madam, Please can you provide me with pro-forma invoices for the following: 6x Thuraya Lite Satellite phones plus sim card and postpaid voucher for one year 6 x Thuraya Pro Satellite phones plus sim card and postpaid voucher for one year Thank you
I would like to know if TS2 SPACE can provide high speed services in South Sudan.
I am looking into opening computer training and internet service center in South Sudan. I would like how much a month for your services. Thanks
ZAIN Internet Bundles
Dear.... madam /mr. We ar fuel supplies if its impossible to give us Janice to get the contract to supplies fuel our details Thanks for reply
WiFi routers
Can I have a detailed list of IPTEC WiFi routers for both home and business use and their prices in $USD
I need personal WiFi in my home.
Price quotation
I want price quotation for TS2 SPACE internet and all set up here in south sudan
JinoSatcom Price quotation
What's the price for dedicated internet here in south sudan
Businesscom Networks Price quotation
I want to have dedicated internet in South sudan and what's the price
انا موجود في جنوب السودان هل استطيع تركيب نت فضائي اذا موجود اريد رقم الهاتف ل اقدر التواصل TS2 SPACE
Wifi connectivity in Bor
Good day IPTEC I would like to request a quote for monthly wifi subscription for our school in Bor called Greenbelt Academy. Regards Francis
I want to know how much can you installed wimax wireless and can it be be move incase I wanna move to another home I want it for home use only
Wimax wireless for home use only How much is the installation And monthly payments too
Hi! I'm writing to inquire about the types of WiFi networks your company provides and based on your response I would like to choose the one I will see suits my condition. I intend to operate the wifi in South Sudan and in a village where mobile network is not available. What type of WiFi network will suit this area and how much would it cost? Thanks
Internet Solution for Sri Lanka Aviation Unit
NSS -12/Arabsat 5C satellite Internet I'm looking for internet solution over 500GB/Unlimited for 100 simultanious users. Site Bor, South Sudan
I want internet
I wanted to know if you can install a very good WiFi internet in house in South Sudan/ Juba. If so please, send me there telephone contact number.
I'm a wholesale internet service provider and looking to offer services to Internet, cloud, Data and Broadcasting services on KA, KU and C band platforms. We can partner with whoever that needs services and work together.
Home internet package
To whom it may concern I would like to know what type of internet packages Telesat Global Information Technology have for individual home / house
Internet installation for private use
I need to get IPTEC internet for my own to support my studies. My budget is very limited,what options do you have for me?
WI-FI service in Rumbek
I would like to use your internet service in Rumbek UNMISS. Please let me know what should I do now?
I would like to know on how the internet installation for Vouchers, which is control by one laptop. then the users can come with their devices, and this is business. i based in Bentiu South Sudan
Small business and Home Internet Packages
Dear Sir, I would to know the available IPTEC packages for home use and it’s cost on monthly basis. A system that can operate about 5 to 8 devices. Regards, Emmanuel
IPTEC Offers
Hello I need a list of IPTEC Connection Offers and bundles to choose from
Hi I need to start a business for YahClick TS2 internet please can you advise
Internet connection
we are working in Yambio and Per month we need 50 GB Kindly gie us the best and cheapest price of TS2 SPACE internet.
Request for Quote of internet service provision
I write to you from Community Skills Development organization in Yambio, Gbudue State, South Sudan. I am seeking a quotation of Juch-Tech internet service to be provide to us in Yambio. We are interested in 512 kbit/s download and 128 kbit/s upload and FAP 10:1 unlimited. Please consider for a complete installation of all the needed items and equipment. Specify who takes care of transport of items, Technician, accommodation and feeding in Yambio. Just offer us your comprehensive quote. Thank you very much
Request for Quote of internet service provision
I write to you from Community Skills Development organization in Yambio, Gbudue State, South Sudan. I am seeking a quotation of TS2 SPACE internet service to be provide to us in Yambio. We are interested in 512 kbit/s download and 128 kbit/s upload and FAP 10:1 unlimited. Please consider for a complete installation of all the needed items and equipment. Specify who takes care of transport of items, Technician, accommodation and feeding in Yambio. Just offer us your comprehensive quote. Thank you very much
internet Service
Good Day IPTEC I am Major from Bangladesh ARMY. We need internet connectivity in Wau with a considerable bandwidth(10-12 Mb approximately). If you kindly give us some solutions with price, we would be glad. Thanks with Regards
Stationary Satelite Internet Connection
Hello, I am working in South Sudasn and need reliable internet. Since we are very remote, we are dependent on Satalite internet. Please advice me which provider would be the best fit for me. I need around 20-30GB download rate. We have between 1 and 3 Laptops and 2-5 Mobile phones. Thanks for your help. Daniel
VAST Engineer
hello, am opira moses south Sudanese citizen I would like to apply for the position of VAST Engineer in your office .Since my contract was finish with DishNet and now at home looking for a job my request in your office.
nujno oborudovanie interneta v suadane
Wifi router
IPTEC Wireless Internet Price and type
personal internet serivices
I am a staff working with an NGO here in South Sudan and would like a personal internet service(not for business)-UNLIMITED browsing and talking for one it possible to pay for this using mobile credit over zain network?. or how can i pay ?i would like to hear more information from you regarding your services. Thanks
Internet price and payment
I want to know how is the payment of the IPTEC internet for one year or yearly
Position for VAST engenner
Hello ,sir /madam am call opira am a south Sudanese by nationality. I work with scoop internet company fro 2014 to 2016 and DishNetAfrica from 2016 to 2019 I really want to apply for a position of VAST Technician I done install Ka band and Ku band c-band as well and configuration of routes.
Agent internet provision
Hello I recently carried out inquiry about your internet coverage and got interested in working with you. I'm planning to start you a small satellite internet company in South Sudan but then I got interested in partnering with you. I would like to know the required costs and infrastructures needed to kick start my project. Thanks
cost of wimax
what are the prices of the IPTEC wimax?
For internet installation
We are a NNGO that's wants to use Bilpam Telecom services of installing internet connection at our premise which is located at Munuki Block B Sum Malaysia.
Installation WiFi
I would like to install WiFi in our camp almost for 200 people. Can you tell us how much cost will it take to install your service and monthly payment???
Requesting Businesscom Networks VSAT Connectivity
Starting a Internet Cafe
Home wifi set up
Hello, can you please provide pricing for IPTEC home wifi set up? I am looking for something that is efficient and usable for as long.
Internet Tariff
Hi, Whats the IPTEC internet tariffs for Point-to-Point connectivity
Internet required
Dear Sir/Madam, Could you please tell me if you provide internet service in South Sudan for single User. I am staying in Juba and wondering to have an affordable internet. Thank you Regards Hark
VSAT reseller option
Hello, My name is Andrew Williams and I'm the Technical Director of SuperNET Limited, a newly licensed ISP in the Republic of South Sudan. At the moment we have deployed a terrestrial point to multipoint solution and are able to service most parts of Juba city. We wish to expand to other regions and have had numerous requests by prospective clients that we should provide a VSAT alternative that can help us serve remote sites. We wish do partner with your company to provide this service to the remote sites of South Sudan. Kindly respond to this email if you'd like to discuss more about this subject. Thank you.!
Satellite Internet
Am looking for satellite internet to South Sudan Juba.
Price list inquiry
Hi sir , Have a good day, I would like to know the prices , capacity and speed in wifi internet ackages Thanks , Eshak,o-4388
I would like to know how much you charge per month for home users
Internet for small scale business
Dear Sir/Madam, Iam trying to establish an office for my business and would like to know on the cost of reliable Juch-Tech Inc. internet service i.e initial installation and monthly subscription.
High speed internet
Dear sir. I am checking for Businesscom Networks HIGH SPEED INTERNET CONNECTION our office in south Sudan. I think your company is Internet service provider in that area. We need high bandwidth connection in our office. Please send me your package details. We will meet you in Sudan ….
Dear AfricaSat-1a C-BAND internet provided, I am would like to inquire if TS2 SPACE provide internet service for private use. I am an international staff here in Juba and I am interested in acquiring good internet service. Many thanks.
Satellite portable hotspot
I need a satellite portable internet hotspot device and fast browsing connection for south sudan
Wireless Internet connection for 100 people
100 people, Bor UN Compound (near Bor Airport) , good quality Video call and voice calls, All TS2 SPACE details needed. Thanks
Internet connection
We are under UN flag. Seeking a satellite base Intersat internet connection. Pls provide information.
Internet bundles
Code to ZAIN internet bundle for one month
internet services and their rates
we have an internet cafe and we looking for Bilpam Telecommunications internet suppliers
Price quote for 10/10 Mbit connection in Juba, South Sudan
Please quote price for a Businesscom Networks 10/10 Mbit connection in Juba, South Sudan. Please also specify if necessary hardware is included, as well as service and installation. Finally, please quote minimum term of serice (i.e. how many months at a time would be minimum contract period)
connection of internet
I have two deskTops i had wanted to connect internet in my small office,what are the materials require much are the material required and how much are you going to charge me per month thanks waiting for your quick respond thanks.Lexton
ISP bandwith reseller and provision
dear Satproviders, hope you are all doing fine, i'm Mading , i'm planning to start an ISP business and i'm looking for a provider, i'm wondering if you provide these service to Africa. please let me know ASAP thanks best regards Roben
Request for internet service provision
We are operating a small office of a capacity of 7 staff members in Juba and would like to request Juch-Tech Inc. service for the internet provision for our small office
Internet set up
Thank you for allowing me to share with you. Actually I would like to ask IPTEC regarding setting up internet service in South Sudan. 1. What are they requirements that one need to set up internet with your company in South Sudan? 2. How much do you charge for internet monthly? 3. How much do you charge per day? 4. Can I set up internet service with you in Tonj State?
Internet setup
thank you for allowing me to share with you. They following questions are what I want to know from Telesat Global Information Technology comany: 1. What are the requirements needed to setup internet service? 2. How much do you charge for internet per month? 3. How much per day? 4. Can i set up internet service in Tonj State with your company?
request for internet service
we classic cyber cafe located in south sudan, juba would like to access Businesscom Networks internet under your company with better offers you can provide. please send us the detailed information with the quotation.
Query on internet sale
Hello, I am interested to see if I can buy internet service for myself, as an individual.
Frencies internet network South Sudan
I’m BoL. I’m South Sudanese American and I’m interested to frencies TS2 SPACE internet services to South Sudan. I would like you to give me information how can be do it. And what I can pay and how you set my company up.
Internet for office
We need Bilpam’s Broadband C Band internet service for forex bureau please send us for your details
Internet cyber
Dear Sir/Madam] I am looking to start a small computer business of 10 users. I would like if TS2 SPACE could provide me with the quotation of 10 users to start with. Sincere Jeremiah
vivacell internet instruction
vivacell internet
Internet service
Retail services for Juch-Tech Inc. ISP
Internet Provision in Maban County
Dear Sir/Madam, In reference to the above, please send quotation of the different packages you have for an organization based in Upper Nile State. Preferable bandwidth 10mpbs. Thank you.
internet services cyber cafe
Hi dear Sir/Madam I plane to open cyber cafe for 20 pcs and I need VOIP as services as well, please send me quotation and the requirement for Businesscom Networks installation.
VSAT inten
Hi, We are a secondary school located in South Sudan and we would love to be connected to the internet as we need it most for our day to day activities. Kindly if its possible get in touch with us and also send us the quotations for your various packages.
Looking job
Am vsat technician who can do the following: 1- VSATinstallation 2- Thuraya installation 3- YahClick installation 4- Tooway installation 5- Networking installation reach me on email:athempiu@gmail.comor call me +211926477711/+211955978489,c-4
Bilpam Internet Packages and cost in USD
To provide internet service
We looking to provide us with Onlime Business Communications internet service for 13 number of users. We are based in Juba ,South Sudan.
Instalation of Satellite Based High Speed Internet Service in a camp for 150 people strength.
Dear Sir/Ma'am, 1. We are working in Melut Town which in an integral part of Nothern Upper Nile state of South Sudan. 2. We have requirment of a Satellite Based High Speed Internet service for our camp which has a strength of 150 people at any given point of time and everybody wants to take this service at a same time. 3. This is a request to send a suitable and within pocket range quotation for the same. 4. An early action and response is required.
internet broadband
Individual wi-fi accsess
IPTEC Mobile wi-fi device powered by phone battery type
New installation and subscription package
Dear Sir/ Madam, Please advise if YahClick TS2 could provide one set for personal use under the package of 50GB per month in Juba, South Sudan as well as I appreciate if you could communicate the price for the overall package (hardware, installation and subscription)
Looking for a wireless provider
Hello SpaceX, I am looking for a wireless provider that does not require me to install any large satellite dishes or equipment in order to get a signal. It will be used by about 12-15 people and be able to stream live video. Thank you!
products and services - require ISAT credit if available
Require to by Bilpam Telecommunications ISAT credits if available
Provision of Satellite Internet Service to JUBA
G'day guys, There is a group of Australians living in UN House, Juba, South Sudan and we're looking at options to improve our internet service. We are spread over 6 houses (furthest distance 200m) and would appreciate a quote on the supply and install of a suitable TS2 SPACE satellite internet service. Please let me know if you require further information. Regards, Craig
how can i acquire YahClick TS2 wifi for personal home use in south sudan wau
DSL With Static IP
Asslam Dear Sir Following are the requirements for dedicated Sudatel Internet DSL/ADSL Line for Pakistan Embassy Khartoum, Sudan Kindly quote with suitable rate. 1. Speed 2 Mb ( Minimum) 2. Dedicated STATIC IP Address to be given directly on interface of Firewall or Laptop for establish Virtual Private Network (VPN). 3. Agreement Terms & Condition. 4. Technical Support and duration of link restoration in case of network outage. Looking forward to you favorable response on the above requirement. Warm Regards: Fazal
Yahclick Service
I would like to get more information about Yahclick net service prices with following features: - download/upload of 5ms/1.5ms - large monthly packages
hi how many speeds do you offer and do you have fiber.
Internet service provision
Dear Support we are looking for intern service provider. we are based in Hai Neem in Juba. Would you please send your pertinent staff to assess our need. Best Naveed Logistics Coordinator, Handicap International, Former Holiday Hotel Compound, Hai Neem, Juba
Telesat Global information tech
Am interested in ordering telesat 4rom there to Wau.and i will pay all the costs
My name Makuch lual in Wau.Am interested in telesat but i need to firrt know the costs of it
What time is it going to take to get one.I have seen the price its .
Price of all the items
I want the item that i can afford so that i can order it.the most important thing i need to know is the price of the items
adding our Company on the search engine
we are 4G Telecom a licensed ISP Company in South Sudan while we were searching we didn't find our company name therefore , kindly what are the procedures to put our company
Satellite Internet
How much will it cost for a TS2 SPACE satellite internet per month @ 12 Mbps download/1 Mbps upload and 25 Mbps download/5 Mbps upload for 100GB in South Sudan.. Plus required equipment cost Thanks
IPTEC WiFi Internet Service
private small business
I am looking to start a small provate personal business with 5 users may be possible increasing the number a long the road. however, I am looking for an enquiry. how much it is for 5 users, monthly payment and first time installement. I am in Maban-Upper Nile State(Northern State) thanks Jeremiah
can TS2 SPACE send me the price and the speed of the internet you have in rumbek south sudan ASAP?
Internet Services
I am Robert from Royal Aid For Development, kindly can you send us a Quotation for the internet services
Internet Services
Royal Aid For Development (ROAD) is NGO base in Juba Munuki, we harpy requesting TS2 SPACE office to send us a quotation for the Monthly internet services with Regard Robert Admin Assistant Officer ROAD
enquiry about availability of connection at unmiss camp bor
enquiry about availability of connection at unmiss camp bor. if it is available we are looking for a new connection.
internet access
providing of full network access in personal computer
Request for Ku-Band Packages Residential, Small Business, Large Business, Enterprise Business (20:1)
Hello Juch-Tech, I have setup a computer center in the remote town of Yambio, South Sudan for the purpose of providing reliable ICT services to the customers who are in need. Therefore, i have acquired a full set of Ku-Band VSAT equipment (iDirect X1 Modem, 1.2M Antennae Dish, Universal LNB & BUC of 3 Watts); which we are looking for reliable ISP to give us connection that will serve a max of 10 users during peak hour. After numerous searches on the web, ofcourse taking into consideration the financial aspect for the sustainability of the link, we opt to go for the package indicated above. Kindly, give us more details for the same for our consideration.
Satelite internet Connection to Peace keeping Mission
For an Aviation Contingent serving UN peace keeping Mission requires a Satellite internet connection for the purpose of communication with the home country. The strength of the contingent is 104(personal). Please be kind enough to provide the details of a suitable satellite internet package which Businesscom Networks can provide. your kind cooperation is much appreciated. Best Regards Nilanga
application for job
I am south sudanese national, I am hold of diploma (3) in Communication Engineering.currently working in south sudan civil aviation authority,Department Aeronautical.  Job Description:  Test and troubleshoot instruments, Components, and assemblies, using circuit testers, Oscilloscopes or Voltmeters.  Inspecting Equipment, Structures, or Material-(Security equipment as X-Ray ,Door way).  Test electrical equipment or systems to ensure proper functioning.  Keep records of maintenance and repair work.  Adjust, repair or replace malfunctioning component or assemblies, using hand tools or soldering iron.  Equipment replacement parts. Damaged or defective mechanical parts.  Assemble components such as switches, electrical controls, and junction boxes, using hand tools or soldering iron.  Connect components to assemblies such as navigations system equipment as: VHF/HF/ Record system and VCCS, Inverters.  Analyze test or performance data to assess equipment operation.  Coordinate work with that engineer, technicians in airport.  Operate computer –aided drafting and design applications to design avionics system modifications.  Develop equipment or Component configurations.
Hi speed internet
Kindly can IPTEC give me a quote for the best internet speeds for streaming, within Juba at the lowest cost
Internet connectivity for SSBL
Afternoon, By way of email introduction, I’m the Network & Security Manager for SABMiller Africa and I’m looking for internet connectivity options for our operation in South Sudan. I pulled your details off the website as you are able to supply internet connectivity. Please can you let me know what packages and options and SLA’s you have available (we would be looking for 1M upstream and 2M downstream bandwidth). Our operation is the SSBL operation in Juba. If you can send me a proposal or a quote with costs, and service level’s this would be appreciated. Regards, James
Ka Band Service in South Sudan
We need Ka Band YahClick TS2 Internet Service in South Sudan. Need price and also need to know how you can assist us for installation.
Zain saouth sudan
looking for new company internet contract
hello, we currently have WiMAX SOHO+ 256/1024 kbps 1:10 internet and are looking for a cheaper option with at least the same speeds and conditions. we have 8 users max. Please advice with a written quote so we can weight our options
need internet service
Dear All we need Bilpam’s internet service at our hotel located in tong ping we have around 40 laptops and at least 50 cell phone we need it very good speed please kindly send us quote thanks Naveed
I am an intern with meticulous attention to detail excellent networks and telecoms engineer skills. My 2 years of diploma in network engineering have given me a solid foundation for this internship. I am comfortable performing wide range of job duties. I am eager to contribute my enthusiasm and skills to Vivacell and grow and this position. My resume will give you a great understanding of my qualifications. Sincerely Columbano
شبكات الwireless
كيف اتمتع بشبكات الWIFI ‎‏ في جوبا
Internet Wifi
We are a 73 room 4 star hotel Panorama Sarovar Portico located at Hai Amatar Juba. We are in search of a suitable vendor to provide us 8 MBPS internet and wifi connectivity for our hotel. We look forward to hearing from Sawa Sat
Request for Quotation. Internet Services
Dear Sirs, This is Action Against Hunger - International. And I am a Supply Chain Manager based in Juba, South Sudan. I have sent you the e-mail to about the Request for Quotation for Internet Services on 20th of May 2016 from ACF Tender e-mail address: ACF Tender. But nobody responds whether they got e-mail or not. Please, check your e-mail and advise whether you would like to participate in our RFQ You can contact me via e-mail
Would Like To Know More
Hello there, Iam here in South Sudan and would like to know more about you in regards to how you provide your services and how ISP's partner with you-most importantly those based here in South Sudan. Regards
application for industrail training
asouth sudanese graduate
quotation of internet provision
i want you to send me a quotation, for i need internet provision in my place
hi, we are interested in a Sawa Sat mobile satellite internet for northern south sudan, please can you tell me if it is possible and how much it would cost for different packages. thanks ralph
How to check internet MB balance
Internet MB balance checking code numbers?
inquiry for job opportunity
i am yensuk george aged 24 ,a south sudanese,am a graduate from uganda christian university hold a bachellors degree in information technology,am inquiring if opportunites are there for me to persue my career.thanks hope to here from Sawa Sat soon
inquiry for job opportunity
i am george, a south sudanese by nationality and a fresh graduate from uganda christian university holding a bachellors of science degree in information tecnlogy.i would like to inquire if there is any opprotunity to work with you guys because i have burning desire to explore and utilise my skills for the bennefit of Sawa Sat company.thats my email,let me know incse of any thing thanks
I would like to know the cost of your service and the terms of payment in regards to internet. if i want to open up an internet cafe or a wireless connection.
Need to conect with your network
We as Company in JUBA need enough Internet connection offers from your side . need all speeds offers and it's package . this is my phone No, or will be good if reply me on this email during 2 hours
want a internet connection for our company
dear sir I want a quotation for internet connection for our company. will you send me different plans from which i can select the best on for our company according to our need.currently our service provider is fastnet.
Sattellite internet for Internet cafe business
Hi, can you tell exactly howmuch it will cost me to install satellite internet disc for my internet café in Juba south sudan
Compound specific Broadband Internet connection 5 kbps down 20 GB monthly
looking for compound and field appropriate Broadband Internet connection to complement company's sat connection, but for private use. Consequently, cost-efficiency and simple technology / equipment required. I am interested to obtain info, additional your to indicated price-list on down/upload tariffs, about specific equipment costs for receiver, antennas etc., their supply and purchasing conditions or techn. specs. and compatible equipment info. Clemens POTOCKI
High speed, reliable, world wide Internet.
Dear Future Customer, Juch-Tech Inc is a VSAT ISP provider located in Canada. Currently Juch-Tech covers Africa, Middle East, Northern Canada, Central South America and The Caribbean. Please contact or +1(905)-573-9449 for more information about our Ku and CBnad services and current promotions.
Please send me a proforma invoice for Vsat Equipment and subscription for 1 year for 25 users. Am in Torit South Sudan.
Hi, I am Louis in Juba. South Sudan. I need internet service My mobile number is +211 can you pl contact me and give me details. Thanks, Louis Susairaj.
We are a technology firm offering VSAT installations. Kindly visit our offices- Eagle Track Limited. or call +
satlite internet for ten computer
how much it will cost for the equipment and the monthly service fee for the internet for ten computers. and what is the bandwidth
Internet connection with speeds of 1024/1020 or 1536/1024
I require quotation for Internet connection with speeds of 1024/1020 or 1536/1024. My business is located in Malakia, Juba South Sudan
satellite connection NBeG South Sudan
I would like to ask you to complete BOQ (Quotation) for our satellite internet connection in our field office in Nyamlel (NBeG) ​​You can offer more options on separate quotations forms and we will choose the best and compare to others. ​This connection will be used by maximum 10 computers ( but really rarely) but usually the number of users will not be higher than 5. Type of work is typical office NGO work. Also please mention validity of your offer. ​​We need only one WIFI access point. Distances from electricity to the access points are not higher than 15 meters. We need to compare all offers so all information (question) below are really important. Without this information your quotation will be not accepted. In case you can not guarantee some parameters just let us know shortly why and we will consider those facts. Quotation must be in U.S. Dollars 1. Type of connection (is it satellite?) 2. Speed 3. Minimum guarantee speed 4. Is this speed dedicated or shared? If shared, for how many users? 5. FUP or unlimited data? If FUP, how much GB? 6. Monthly fee 7. Price of installation, devices, etc.... 8. Is the transportation of your technician and his per-diem included in the price of installation? 9. Where we can receive all the needed equipment if the transportation is not supported by provider? (we need to transport to Nyamlel – NbeG so offer the best option please) 10. Is transportation supported? If yes mention the price for both options (with and without transportation costs) 11. Delivery period for equipment 12. Delivery period for installation 13. Guarantee 14. References
wifi internet conection
Dear sir we are opening new buisness in south sudan yambio area Dabio and Bangangai so pls help us whom have to contact to give us wifi internet conection there and how much amount. or give us contact nomber pls reply as soon as possible Thanks&Regds
Fast internet ADSL
We are in need for fast internet for police networking and computer
Hi I want to know how much the hardware coast and the monthly price for the internet. That will be use in South Sudan. Let me know please all the hardware price the and the service. Best Regards David


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