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Last Inquiries from Sri lanka

VSAT connection to Sri Lanka
Can you please let me know whether it is possible to get an TS2 SPACE satellite broadband connection to Sri Lanka? If so please let me know the packages and their monthly costs and installation costs. Many thanks in advance.
Dialog Axiata CCcam
How to get 45°e prot16000 CCcam server
Requesting information about new sat internet connection
I want to buy a new TS2 SPACE satellite internet connection , so i wish to contact providers for know about pricings.
Need to have a connection with 100 mbps up & down load.
Need to have a connection with 100 mbps up & down load.
I want to knw your pakage in sri Lanka
I want to knw TS2 SPACE pakage in sri lanka I need full list
i like to buy satellite internet connection
please send me the Quantis packages with all chargers thank you
TS2 SPACE Looking to stream online without any inturruption, around 300 GB a month
Fibre internet / or close to it
Good day, I require a stable fibre internet connection in the Colombo area, at least 10mbp/s. Fibre is usually a cable in the ground as far as my understanding goes. If that is not possible, please can i get the next best thing. My work requires me to have internet all day every day. Thanks in advance Yanchri
can i get TS2 SPACE satellite internet
Hi I am Nissanka from Sri Lanka. We have few office in Mozambique, Zambia, Malavi & Madagaskar. This office's have CCTV Camera Systems. We need watch this Camera systems in Sri Lanka. One Camera 2MP & One NVR have 16 Cameras. Send me price for Suitable Internet connection for this. Thanks
Unlimited internet connection
Hi my name is gimhan and i would like to have unlimited TS2 SPACE internet connection to my home using satallite how much does it cost for the service thank you.
Unlimited internet connection
Hi my name is gimhan and i would like to have unlimited Businesscom Networks internet connection to my home using satallite how much does it cost for the service thank you.
For a new connection
How to buy Globitel setelight internet connection? And how it is work?
I want sat internet
I like to join sat internet and like to know abouth
Need satellite internet connection
We also need TS2 SPACE satellite internet connection for sri lanka. For now we are not eligible for satellite internet from any isp.
Satalite Internet
Hi, How much it will cost to setup Juch-Tech satellite internet for my home.? Devices cost etc. Thanks
Hi, I am planing to start a ISP business in Sri lanka. My plan is to get internet from you to my hub and distribute it all over the country. could you please let me know the information of the best fastest connection you have, plus good price for it?. Thanks, Gayan
I want to get a internet connection
Please let me know how can i get a BGAN connection, is there a prepaid connection available
Cost of 100/100 or 10/10 Internet Service
Could you please tell me how much it would cost in US dollars for the 100/100 and the 10/10 Internet service in Sri Lanka (Colombo)? Thank you.
VSAT Internet Sri Lanka
Hi, I'm looking for unlimited Quantis internet in Sri Lanka about 1 - 2 Mbps bandwidth. Please let me know the pricing and subscription details
Home use
Hi, we have been checking for good internet services but it’s really hard to get in the country then I came a cross vsat could you tell me what kind of work or packages you do because my wife work from home and there is not a lot of service providers in these area with good coverage, thank you.
About Data packages
Monthly rental please
Please offer your best TS2 SPACE package
Fast Broadband
Hi there, I’m looking for a fast broad band 50 or 100 mbps connection, i’m Based in North part of Srilanka Town called JAFFNA, please let me know the availablity and cost, Regards Sanjay
Looking for ISP
I'd like to get some details about your Mobitel service of SETTELITE INTERNET CONNECTION and availability.
WiFi in Gombe
I would like to purchase Sri Lanka Telecom wifi monthly for a family in Gombe. Is this possible?
Short term internet access
I am coming down to SriLanka - Batticaloa on one month holiday. I require good Mobitel internet access during my stay in SriLanka Batticaloa. There is a landline available at the house. Could you advice the available options for my requirement. Thank you
For a home based small business
I am a freelance graphic designer, and I am looking for Quantis unlimited internet service. I am based in Moratuwa. Could you please recommend the best solution for me. The following are my needs: 1. To reach higher HD quality, I will need the speed of 5 to 7 Mbps. 2. 50 Mbps download speeds and upload speeds around 25 Mbps 3. Internet download speeds from at least 1 Mbps to 8 Mbps (for multiple users) to prevent lag in video time. Your quick response will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, Brintha
100mbps internet connection details
what are the TS2 SPACE prices? rental and installation costs?
Internet connectivity
Hi - I am trying provide TS2 SPACE internet connectivity to a meditation centre in a remote location in Sri Lanka's Western Province. There is no 3G coverage here. The mediation centre holds sermons which we need to broadcast live via YouTube as there is a worldwide following. Could you kindly provide me with monthly price, installation costs and contract period?
I need to buy an Businesscom Networks internet package. Can i have same details about it. Thanks.
internet conection
pls advice how to Mobitel get satellite internet connection at my home,my place not any service,
Req satellite for internet
Dear Sir/ Madam Please let me know Quantis packages and prices for your satellite and internet. Currently im having technical department and im willing to add this packages for hotels and offices. Thank you
satalite internet
I want Internet conection for rural area
10mbps fiber connection
We need a Storm Internet Services 10Mbps fiber connection to our office. please do let us know whether this is possible. we have our own standard service agreement, believe you can agree on that - if this is possible we can discuss further.
new connection
Greeting Contact me for new uantis connection in our customer in sri lanka. Do you have any affiliate program
satellite internet
sir i need information about Quantis satellite internet connection unlimited plans details minimum to maximum and how much speed give this connection and send me the package details and how to buy this satellite internet connection
Internet service inquiry
Would like to know what kind of Businesscom Networks internet service package you are offerring, including the speed, stability, any data capacity limit as well as the package price? Thanks.
Ssatellite internet
What are the Lanka Bell satellite internet packages available ? and prices ? my house is in Piliyandala
Get a satellite internet connection
I am searching for to get a SLTL satellite internet connection for home home is in Kurunegala,Sri lanka ... please let me know all the details about this ..Im looking for connections upto 10 Mbps
Details of the internet provided
Wanted to know what kind of TS2 SPACE packagesare provided and its details?
about sat internet
I need 64kbps download speed sat net to my home can u send me the details and the price for all equipment and monthly charges .thanks.
satellite internet
i like know abut your Businesscom Networks satellite internet
Hi.need connecting Mobitel - Heavy Surfer home internet in Kiribathgoda.Lanka net.pz send me details and how much pay in one month? Tks
Request for details on satellite internet package
Dear Sir / Madam, We are a non-profit organization located in the southern Sri Lanka. Kindly provide us details and options on how to obtain an Businesscom Networks satellite internet / communication connection. Mainly our requirement is skype/viber calls from anywhere, land / air or sea. Looking forward for your quick reply. Thanking you, Amila
1110 GB
how can i buy
i wont to get Quantis satellite internet package for live video streaming how can i get it an cost for it
online web server
VSAT & Satellite Internet
I want internet for TS2 SPACE company i am from sri lanka please give me all details you have packages. thank you
WiFi uncapped 24/7 in jaffna
SLTL Web Lite
Nehru social
good think for my TS2 SPACE plan.
Can you please send me informations about available TS2 SPACE internet connection packages and their prices
Request for information on the uplink service
I would like to request on the procedure and fees for uploading a single tv channel to the sattelite via the multiplexing services and the single channel per carrier(SCPC) service. I would like to know your procedure and fees to uplink my internet connection to the sattelite,where I can use it give internet service to customers in remote areas via ptmp Currently i am talking with a isp forpackages on starting my internet cafe.
requesting a internet connection
TS2 SPACE VSAT Satellite Services i hope to buy a high quality internet connection to my company, is it possible to get a 100mbps net connection to sri lanka? please send me prices - equipment prices and monthly rental thank you
Etisalat - Tamil Internet Options Uncapped
Urumpirai East Urumpirai, Jaffna
Hello I would like to have a TS2 SPACE internet connection via satellite. Please contact me. Thanks Raj
data about in your site
all data's in your site about Sri Lanka wrong. now in SL have about 9 ISP and they provide 4G/LTE, FTTH also.. I'm a Sri Lankan citizen.
contact me
Dialog Axiata - Data for Giga Meal 6GB
Internet Solution for Hostel
I am opening a hostel in Sri Lanka, Southern Province and would like to know what solutions are available for me to provide to my guests at best value for money.
I want get internet connection
Hi, Im Farzan from Sri Lanka. How to get TS2 SPACE settalite internet connection Please let me know asap Thank You Regards Farzan
how to get v sat connection
Please send how to get OneWeb connection to sri lanka & what are the package details & Price, Thanks.
Wifi services
Sat Internet
Hi We need an TS2 SPACE Internet connection with 10 Mpbs for Sri Lanka. Please let me know your charges,. Regards Marx
New satellite internet connection
Hi, can I get a TS2 SPACE - Intelsat 22 new internet connection to Lindula, Sri Lanka? Please advise.
wifi access to Watagala, Sri Lanka
Can you pl outline options to provide TS2 SPACE wifi/internet access to an address in Watagala, Sri Lanka. thank tou. Namalie
Getting a satellite Internet connection
I like to know more details about the data plans which TS2 SPACE company is providing. And what is the procedure of establishing such connection for a vast business. please make sure to mansion the costs for each plan.
Corporate internet connection request
Dear Sir/madam We rent a hotel for around 50 person who are Uma Oya project employees. Please be kind enough to send me a quotation about OneWeb wireless internet connection ( point to point bridge ) for our company with below information: 1. At least 30Mbit/s permanent speed for download and 5Mbit/s permanent and stable speed for upload. 2. Location: hotel blue wings – Welimada road – bandarawella If you have any further question please do not hesitate to contact with me. Kind Regards Arvin
Satellite Internet
Hello, I would like to set up VSAT in my home in Sri lanka to meet my internet communication needs and for streaming TV channels. Can TS2 SPACE please provide me with the information to do this? What would be the cost of install and continued use? Kind regards Malik
Please let me know is it possible to get SpaceX internet via sateelite and how much does it cost. Location is Colombo Sri Lanka
Lease line connection
Mobitel Below are the details requirement 1. Bandwidth 4MB fiber internet link which can be provide Ether port to connection to Router 2. Upload/download is same 3. Static IP address (2-5 static IP address) 4. SLA of the link
Satellite Internete
free Internet
internet connections
i need more info about high sped internet packages, what are the installation fee? is there a data usage limit? what is the price for VSAT Satellite Services and internet data speed? thank yoi Asitha
Near CCTM school lane we need web pal connection
Need web pal connection
Getting an internet connection
dear sir getting satellite internet connection .i have some difficulties with connectiong internet because i have not a good network connection i need to get your internet connections...can u tell me how is the cost and packages details? thanks
getting an internet connection
Im frim sri lanka can i get Businesscom sat net connection ?how is the cost?
Satelite communication for disaster management
I am in the process of evaluating communication during a disaster. Therefore I like to get more info on Quantis 2 MB up link as well as down link capability to transmit audio and vedio data around the country.
satellite connection
i am workng on ships.i want to know how can i get inernet satellite connection for use anywhere in the world. at sea and on land.i want to know the prices and frim where i cann buy these connection.also how can i use this?is it a sim or moderm or what etc.thank u
OneWeb satellite internet connection price in sri lanka
please let me know more details on TS2 SPACE satalite internet ; to install in a company in colombo.
Satellite Internet Connection
Hi there Mobitel, I was wondering if you provide satellite internet connections for rural areas in Sri Lanka. We have tried all other methods but due to the lack of signals in the area, we were unable to connect to the internet. This is mainly regarding the Polgahawela area in Sri Lanka. If you do provide satellite internet connections, it is my understanding that the remoteness of the area will not be an issue. Could you please let me know more details regarding this option and the cost of installing and operating a satellite internet connection for a household? Regards, Amanda
i like to buy less price internet connection for home usage
Satellite internet
Hi I'm Niro from Sri Lanka I would like to get information about satellite internet data plans Price for satellite equipment and monthly plan for 1to 100mbps and other Thanks
Price of iqpment
How to buy TS2 SPACE and saturation
Price of iqpment
How to installation and monthly rental.
To get satellite internet connection because poor connection of network providers
I would like to know more information about the satellite internet.
ADSL or Fibre Internet Options
Hi,Can i get yo know information on available options for RedLink ADSL and Fibre Interent?
About Satallite Internet
I want to buy TS2 SPACE. Please give information about how to buy this and from where i can buy.
I want buy this connection
Please tell me how to buy Businesscom Networks satallite internet connection?
Internet via VSAT
To whom it may concern, We have a requirement to obtain C band coverage for internet access in Sri Lanka. Please share latest Juch-Tech data plans at your earliest. Thank you & best wishes, Mevan Director Unified Communication Solutions Micro Vision Satellite Systems (Pvt) Ltd
Internet via VSAT
To whom it may concern, We have a requirement to obtain C band coverage for internet access in Sri Lanka. Please share Businesscom Networks data plans at your earliest. Thank you & best wishes, Mevan Director Unified Communication Solutions Micro Vision Satellite Systems (Pvt) Ltd
Internet via VSAT
To whom it may concern, We have a requirement to obtain C band coverage for internet access in Sri Lanka. Please share OneWeb data plans at your earliest. Thank you & best wishes, Mevan Director Unified Communication Solutions Micro Vision Satellite Systems (Pvt) Ltd
Internet via VSAT
To whom it may concern, We have a requirement to obtain C band coverage for internet access in Sri Lanka. Please share SpaceX data plans at your earliest. Thank you & best wishes, Mevan Director Unified Communication Solutions Micro Vision Satellite Systems (Pvt) Ltd
we need QANTSAT unlimited 4MB Package please provide us with the Monthly cost.
we need QANTSAT unlimited 4MB Package please provide us with the Monthly cost.
I need satellite internet connection
I have my business operating at rural village in Sri Lanka, where no reliable service of Internet is not available. I would like to get some details on TS2 SPACE service to get the internet connection via satellite
Looking for satellite internet connection
im Looking for satellite internet connection in sri lanka, required pricing and plan
Buy this
I want VSAT System
I' m vimukthi. I live in Negombo Srilanka. I want to buy a unlimited satellite Internet connection.plz give me more details. thanks you.
Satalight Internet
Dear sir,i need high speed uploading facility internet connection srilanka vavuniya
Free Internet
I would like to have free internet because i can't stream a movie or download files quickly !!! so i need a network which is fast and free
High Speed Internet with unlimited volume
Looking for a internet provider
i wnant to acces saterlight
please the give saterlight information
We need island wide coverage high speed internet coverage connection fro marketing matter
sattelite inernet
i wanna get a satellite internet connection
Satelite Internet Connection
I hope to follow On Line degree programe. I am living in a remote area in Sri Lanka usual Internet services are not available in our village. Please let me know are yo villageu able to provide satisfactory service to our area in Sri Lanka Kegalle District a village called Ihala Lenagala which is 4 km away from Colombo Kandy main road
Internet Connection
Nilupul Communication GF-5, Ja-ela Bus stand, Gampaha.
satlite conectation
plz in Sri Lanka
how it works
hi, I'm Amith, I like to know how it works and which one is suitable for Sri lanka.
buy a Intelsat 22 Internet across APAC 1024 kbit/s 512 kbit/s 20:1 0.00 unlimited
hello, I'm willing to buy a satellite internet connection so I need to know that is this legal in srilanka and the way that I can buy a one and the monthly rental of the package
satellite inter net
Dear sir, I'm Nuwan from sri Lanka. I'm interest in your system. Can I have deliverer to different pleas, and up load to video then can I have to down load any other inter net connection .How can I buy this Sat and Prepaid Card. Please send details. Thanks, You, Nuwan
can i get it
can i get informatin for order satellite services
Satellite Connection
free satellite connection


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