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Last Inquiries from Swaziland

Request for Starlink briadband internet in Swaziland
Hi, can I get the Starlink broadband internet subscription in Swaziland? If yes, how?
Internet connection
Greetings How much for a 100Mbits connection in Swaziland? Thank you
Hello, I am interested in having one of Telecom Namibia VSAT system in one of my business located in a very remote place here in Namibia. Please send me an installation quotation.
Wifi at home
Hi. Can OneWeb install wifi in my house in Mbabane Swaziland Dalrich east
Internet Access
Hi, I am an IT consultant working for the MEPD - ACMS. They currently have two internet lines provided by STC (ADSL I guess?). They would like a more Real Image (Pty) Ltd reliable connection as an alternative, with download speeds around 10Mbs. Can you provide me with estimated costs of alternatives please? Richard
VSAT for home use
Hi what is the cost of installing TS2 SPACE system in Swaziland? It is for home use. What packages are available and what is the cost?
Site Registration as satellite Provider
We are Swazi Sat, broadband service provider and would like to know how we can be registered to appear on this site as service provider. Best regards Shiri
Need Intenernet connection
I am Benjamin I am looking the high speed internet connection bcz I am on line to much especially on upload. So please send me the Highest speed Upload you can offer. Thanks
Internet Quote
Hi there, I primarily work online in the video industry and need sufficient speeds (around 25Mbps up and down) that is decently stable (with low latency) at a cost effective rate. Is such possible?
Connectivity to Swaziland Matsapha
We need a cost effective connection between our offices in South Africa and our offices in Swaziland Matsapha, can you assist?
uncapped WiFi and installation
How much does it cost for installation and uncapped Real Image WiFi?
Internet without infrastructure in Swaziland
I would like to set up TS2 SPACE internet in Maloma, Swaziland. There is little to no infrastructure there, no phone lines as copper wires are stolen for scrap metal, and ISPs are limited and don’t reach that area. I would like to discuss options with you. Thank you for your time and consideration.
VSAt internet required
I want Real Image VSAT internet connection at my business premises located in Mbabane. Kindly send the quotation and also advice if there is any legal formalities that has to be done from my end. Thank You
VSAt internet required
I want TS2 SPACE VSAT internet connection at my business premises located in Mbabane. Kindly send the quotation and also advice if there is any legal formalities that has to be done from my end. Thank You
VSAT internet
I want Businesscom Networks VSAT internet connection at my business premises located in Mbabane. Kindly send the quotation and also advice if there is any legal formalities that has to be done from my end. Thank You
Internet and ADSL
Good day can you kindly provide me with Pricing on Real Image internet and adsl in swaziland
Wifi supply
Good day May you kondly assist with a minimum of Businesscom Networks 10mbps speed wifi that we may established in Swaziland. You need to able to come up with a dedicated IPS that can send the bandwidth out. Thanking you and regards.
Internet Access via Satellite
Hi; We are an ICT company in South African and intend opening a branch in Swaziland by becoming an ISP. How how will 10mbps costs per month please also advise if this will be dedicated bandwidth and not shared All we need is for you to move this traffic from Swaziland to South African at our Datacentre then we will do Internet break out from there. Please revert back to me this is very urgent Selby CTO DNN Technologies
satellite internet quotation
May I please have a quotation and logistics for a home connection with a 5Mbit/s speed?
RE:VSAT 1.2m Licensing
Please could you kindly send me pricing for licensing 1.2 m antenna Ku Band. Regards Ellimus
Inquring about high speed internet data service provision for home and small businesses including the expect of purchasing large data for the purpose of being an ISP here in Swaziland. If you could please forward to me all the packages available including the pricing, amount of data, speed(Upload and download) and any other necessary information technical and otherwise.
Satellite internet connection
Can i have a detailed list of requirements for setting up a home Satellite dish internet connection, to be more precisely a catalogue.
Distributors In Swaziland
Good Day I would like to order this product below. Do you have distributors in Swaziland? T11N iDirect Evolution service for Africa 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT 5 monthly 10:1 Unlimited
ISP provision
Hello we are a new ISP in Swaziland. PLease can you tell us more about the services that you can offer?
Internet connection
Please help me with TS2 SPACE home internet connection. I am in Eteni at Matsapha
Internet connection
I would like to have TS2 SPACE internet connection in Eteni-Matsapha. Please assist
need vsat internet
we like to install internet
Chances of being an Internet provider linked to your system
Internet access
Hi I'm from Swaziland and would like to know if there is any way to get internet from outside the country At an affordable cost like through SAT as our current and only ISP in terrible. Please let me know if you do supply and if yes the process or who I can contact that does. Thank You
Satellite internet access
Good day please can you provide a quote on a 2Mbps and 4Mbps satalite internet link for a site we have in Swaziland. Regards, Ricardo Bernardo
request for a quote
i need help with affordable internet and telephony services in Swaziland. please show me the prices the various categories for small business and also my home connection as well.
Satellite Internet access in Swaziland
I want to inquire do you offer Satellite Internet access in Swaziland - with a 5mb line, if so what is the costs, and what is required to make that happen
satelite internate and telephone access
looking for home and office satellite internet facility. would like to add telephone facility aswell. how can you help me
Hi i would like to find out how much your internet packages cost. my key interest is having a reliable internet connection via VSAT and affordable costs including equipment needed and my location is SWAZILAND
Vsat prices and installation
I would like to enquire about VSat internet prices that could cover a home user in Swaziland
Possibilty of service
I am living in Swaziland and is interested in obtaining satelite internet. Please send me more information pricing on different speed buying or renting equipment for home use The area where I live has no adsl facillities


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