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Real Image (Pty) Ltd real3G 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Mobile broadband $3
Real Image (Pty) Ltd Wireless 3G for Home 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Mobile broadband $price on request

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Internet Access
Hi, I am an IT consultant working for the MEPD - ACMS. They currently have two internet lines provided by STC (ADSL I guess?). They would like a more Real Image (Pty) Ltd reliable connection as an alternative, with download speeds around 10Mbs. Can you provide me with estimated costs of alternatives please? Richard
Vsat prices and installation
I would like to enquire about VSat internet prices that could cover a home user in Swaziland
Need Intenernet connection
I am Benjamin I am looking the high speed internet connection bcz I am on line to much especially on upload. So please send me the Highest speed Upload you can offer. Thanks
Internet Quote
Hi there, I primarily work online in the video industry and need sufficient speeds (around 25Mbps up and down) that is decently stable (with low latency) at a cost effective rate. Is such possible?
VSAt internet required
I want Real Image VSAT internet connection at my business premises located in Mbabane. Kindly send the quotation and also advice if there is any legal formalities that has to be done from my end. Thank You
Internet connection
Please help me with TS2 SPACE home internet connection. I am in Eteni at Matsapha
Site Registration as satellite Provider
We are Swazi Sat, broadband service provider and would like to know how we can be registered to appear on this site as service provider. Best regards Shiri
need vsat internet
we like to install internet
Hi i would like to find out how much your internet packages cost. my key interest is having a reliable internet connection via VSAT and affordable costs including equipment needed and my location is SWAZILAND
Satellite internet access
Good day please can you provide a quote on a 2Mbps and 4Mbps satalite internet link for a site we have in Swaziland. Regards, Ricardo Bernardo

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