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Sweden telecom market does include the mature mobile broadband as well as the broadband sectors that have consistently ranked among the first in Europe to be able to deploy some of the advanced technologies. This country has remained to be among those with some of the most developed LTE infrastructure in this region, and it has been poised to be among first in world to be able to deliver services based on 5G standard. Also, it has been ranked among the countries with the highest broadband to 98% of population by the year 2025. This methodology to be able to achieve this do rest on the proven regulatory measures well supported by the public funds and on auction of the additional spectrum.

The DSL has continued to dominate the broadband access, and this is this is through number of subscribers which has been falling as the customers go on and migrate to the fiber networks. Resilience in DSL sector has been shown by the operators investing in the VDSL upgrades, despite this being a short term measure on path to the FttP. Also, there is a competition from the HFC infrastructure, with main cableco Com Hem providing the data rates of up to 1Gb/s on the fiber network that it owns. Also, it has been investing in the services based on DOCSIS3.1 standard. In the year 2018 on September, competition authorities went on and approved acquisition of the Com Hem by the Tele2, the move that was going to provide a very strong multi-sector competitor to the Tella.

The Considerable investment in the mobile networks has been able to make the mobile broadband by the fast-growing sector, with the LTE based services available in the majority of the rural areas not well covered by the fixed line of infrastructure. With the 5G expected to be very integral to overall broadband platform in the coming years, the trials of the 5G has been ongoing, despite the real developments being expected in the year 2019 after regulator makes the available spectrum in 3.4 GHz to 3.6 GHz range, that got to be auctioned in the year 2018 on October. The services at the launch are going to be among the first that will be provided globally. The report assessed the key aspects of the Swedish telecom market, offering the data on the fixed network services as well as going ahead and then profiling main players.

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