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The government has embraced competition in telecom market, and this is what has encouraged private sector, and this is despite it having taken control of incumbent Telco, TTC that was formerly referred as TTCL in the year 2016 on June. Foreign participation has also been encouraged to promote the economic growth as well as the social growth. The policy reforms have also led to the telecom sector becoming among most liberal in the African continent. But, the high import tariffs on the telecoms equipment as well as taxes on the telephone facilities by the various authorities have still placed a burden on the investors as well as the operators.

Tanzania mainly has 2 fixed-line operators, namely, TTC and Zantel, as well as eight operational mobile networks with 4 additional players that are well licensed under the new converged regulatory period with the four major operators, Bharti Airtel, Tigo, Zantel Mobile, and Vodacom penetration rates have risen to reach 83% by the year 2017 on March. In recent years, the price war among the players has been affected by smaller operators that have suffered from the customer churn. Converged licensing regime has brought very many players into the market.

Liberalization of the Voice over Internet Protocol telephony and the introduction of the 3rd as well as 4th generation, (3G & LTE), the mobile services as well as the wireless broadband networks that have boosted internet sector, that has been hampered by the low level of growth of tradition fixed-line network. Following launch of the mobile broadband service, mobile network operators have gone on to become leading internet service providers. Operators have been hoping for the revenue development in mobile data services market, given that voice market has entirely been prepaid and the voice ARPU progresses to decline.

When it comes to this, no single company have invested in the network upgrades. The fast developing source of the revenue is mainly from mobile transfer as well as the m-banking services. Landing of first fiber optic international submarine cable in this nation in recent years that have revolutionized market that up to this point entirely does depend on the expensive satellite connection. In parallel, the government has been working on later phases of the national fiber backbone network that has been aimed at connecting the population centers around this nation. The government has gone on and become even more determined to be able to manage the telecom sector better.  

List of all internet access services registered in our base

Type of Internet connection:
* Name Download Upload Type Price USD
TS2 SPACE VSAT Satellite Services 100 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s Satellite & VSAT $price on request
TS2 SPACE NSS -12/Arabsat 5C satellite Internet 0.5-10 Mbit/s 0.25-1 Mbit/s Satellite & VSAT $335 to 25 206
TS2 SPACE YahClick TS2 2-7.1 Mbit/s 0.25-1.5 Mbit/s Satellite & VSAT $61 to 1 030
TS2 SPACE AfricaSat-1a C-BAND 0.5-5 Mbit/s 0.25-2 Mbit/s Satellite & VSAT $403 to 15 552
TS2 SPACE SES4 - Internet over Africa, Europe and Americas 0.5-2 Mbit/s 128-512 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $165 to 1 827,50
TS2 SPACE T11N iDirect Evolution service for Africa 0.13-2 Mbit/s 0.06-1 Mbit/s various $130 to 7 490
Businesscom Networks Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network 10 Mbit/s 10 Mbit/s Satellite & VSAT $price on request
Spicenet Tanzania Ltd Spicenet WiMAX Internet 10 Mbit/s 10 Mbit/s WiMAX $4 000
Juch-Tech Inc. C-Band Packages 0.5-2 Mbit/s 128-512 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $120 to 4 800
Juch-Tech Inc. Ku-Band Packages Residential, Small Business, Large Business, Enterprise Business 0.5-2 Mbit/s 128-512 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $110 to 4 400
Zanlink WiMAX Data Plans 1.5-2 Mbit/s 1.5-2 Mbit/s WiMAX $price on request
Zanlink Broadband SOHO and SME 1 Mbit/s 1 Mbit/s WiMAX $price on request
Zanlink Broadband Large Enterprise And Corporate Solutions 512 kbit/s 512 kbit/s Business Internet $price on request
Businesscom Networks BusinessCom VSAT 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $price on request
OneWeb OneWeb Broadband Satellite 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $price on request
OneWeb OneWeb Broadband Satellite 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $price on request
SpaceX SpaceX Broadband Satellite 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $price on request
TS2 SPACE Mobile Satellite Broadband BGAN 32-492 kbit/s 32-492 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $2,91
TS2 SPACE Thuraya IP 444 kbit/s 384 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $2,76
TS2 SPACE Thuraya IP 444 kbit/s 384 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $2,76
Businesscom Networks Satellite Internet Access by Businesscom 64 kbit/s 64 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $price on request
TS2 SPACE Internet connections over Thuraya XT 60 kbit/s 15 kbit/s Dial-up access $1,74
TS2 SPACE Internet connections over Iridium phone 9 kbit/s 9 kbit/s Dial-up access $0,85
TS2 SPACE Internet connections over Isatphone PRO 2 kbit/s 2 kbit/s Dial-up access $0,86

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Zanzibar satellite internet options
Dear Sirs, I’m going to develop a small business in Tanzania, Zanzibar island, Paje town region. I need information, including equipment price, monthly payments, delivery and instalation details, speed and volume limitations, technical support, warranty details, etc., to find out is it possible for me to use YahClick TS2 services to have internet connection for usual end-user activity – internet browsing, e-mail, skype/viber/messanger communication. Best regards, K.
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One of our clients living in Zanzibar requesting quotation for full internet equipment , installation and monthly subscription for Home Plan. Been trying to contact Yahclick Tanzania but no response.
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I would like to find out more about the packages listed on the Web. Your expertise in how much Internet needed for a small Training facility and perhaps a small home network.
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Hi, i'm looking for an affordable, fast internet service to resell to my clients around Arusha region. Can I get a quotes of your full data plans as well as monthly price of each? Plus the coverage that your services can be available, just in case my client will need internet access when on the move/ travelling. Thank you!

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