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3BB 3BB Broadband 15Mbps / 1.5 Mbps 15 Mbit/s 1.5 Mbit/s Home Internet $630
3BB 3BB Broadband 10Mbps / 1 Mbps 10 Mbit/s 1 Mbit/s Home Internet $413

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internet options in Krachon Thailand
Dear sirs, I have a house in Krachon Thailand (about 30 km of Phimai, Nakhon Ratchasima). I am inquiring about options for "good" internet over there. I want to use my laptop when i am visiting my girlfriend there and at the moment we have internet but very slow and most of the time it is not working at all. What are the options in Krachon to provide me with internet which is reasonable fast (so I can use my laptop, skype with my family in the Netherlands, play some games on the laptop, mostly facebook games). Do I need a satelite disk? if so, which one? And what are the costs for having a reasonable fast internet connection in Krachon? Are there other options like a 4G router? Can you provide me with the answers to these questions.
Dear 3BB We have Ethernet Over Coax (EoC) equipment for sale - i believe some of the ISP;s in Thailand use this type of equipment to deliver their services
Satellite Internet service
I have built a house about 25 km from Han Kha in ChaiNat province in central province. I am enquiring about satellite TV and internet service for this area please
Satellite internet
Is the cost for the maximum of 2048 kb a one-time fee of 720 USD? Or are there additional charges? What is the reliability of reception and associated problems?
satellite internet serice
What is TS2 SPACE cost. What tv/ internet is available? What is required. north pATTAYA; nONG Plalai area.
Internet via satellite
I live 40 Km,s outside Khon Kaen in northeast Thailand in a rural area. We don't had a landline phone so am looking at a satellite connection for internet. Do you have? What speeds? Cost? Do yo come and setup? Cost? Thank you for your help
Satellite internet
How much monthly for E70B SEA EVO satellite internet
internet satellit
i interesdet on a TS2 SPACE satelit Internet in thailand koh phangan, how much is it, what i need and how fast is it
URGENT internet supply for event needed
The event in question will take place on a ship moored at Phuket Deep Sea port on June 1st. We plan to be in Phuket to do a survey/test internet speed of the ship Monday, May 11th and we hope a representative from your Internet company can attend too. We will be doing a live television stream from the ship that will be shown live on the event website. A direct line from the port to the ship will be required with a minimum 20mbs upload and download speed.
Home installation AIS Fibre Satellite.
Hi, I wish to connect to satellite internet from my home in Hua Hin. Do you provide a home installation service and what are your installation charges please? Thank you, Martin
Need for Internet connection
Hi We have build house outside Korat in Thailand We can not get fiber in years and I am interested to know if TS2 SPACE have service to help and how much it would be

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