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Tonga Communications Corporation (TCC) Leased Line (Fiber Optic and Copper) 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Leased lines $price on request

Last Inquiries from Tonga

Residential internet
Hi OneWeb looking to see how much it will be monthly. Its.mainly for the use of our school kids who are currently studying in high school. Thank you.
TS2 SPACE Satellite internet options
I would like to know of any satellite internet options available in the country of Tonga, in the South Pacific ocean.
internet vavau iskands tonga
please urgently advise whether boat crew in tonga vavau iskands can be cinnected to TS2 SPACE service and cost
query about Price of vsat sevice
Hi dear i want to know the price of Businesscom Networks vsat broadband service for 10mbs in tonga and cost of other equipments needed for set up. thank you.
Pricing for domestic use
Hi, My friend in Tonga is interested in a satellite broadband connection for his home. Are you able to provide a system, and what pricing options do you have? Thanks, Nav
Internet speed
Hello, tell me what is the maximum tariff TCC plan now available on optical fiber? Is it possible to connect a tariff of 20-100 MB/s? Thanks!
Satellite internet in tonga
Hi Businesscom Networks, I require a mobile satellite internet connection for use in Tonga. we aim to upload images (so ideally 10Mbps) for a one month only project. please advise of the costs for one month only, and hardware required for the system.
HOw much is it to install internet service? Whats the price per month? Is there equipment fees?
TCC Kalianet Internet – WiMax
List of ISP‘s in Tonga
Dear Sir or Madam! Can you provide a list of ISP‘s in Tonga? We are investing in properties and would liek to get an overview! Thanks for your efforts in advance! Best regards Wolfgang
Cost and availability of internet
Is TS2 SPACE for businesses or residential? TCC and digicel are slow and intermittent.
Satellite Internet in Tonga
Looking at uploading image snapshots via TS2 SPACE satellite internet. need to use on 10/10/2017.

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