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Мне нужен спутниковый Интернет для Туркменистана
И как вам
Internet speed 20mbit
STARLINK availability
Dear Sir, Madam, please advise if Starlink will be available in Turkmenistan, or will there be a roaming option available which will work in this region.
Online Home – Connections with no monthly fees
В Туркменистане подключения спутникового интернета
Здравствуйте! я из Туркменистана. Меня зовут Батыр У вас спутниковый связь подключение интернету через спутника.В зоне покрытия Туркменистана входит ли? Спасибо! Жду Вашего ответа!? Juch-Tech - C-Band Packages
SETAR Internet/phone/cable
Hello, we are buying a home in Aruba. We would like to arrange setting up the internet/phone/cable services. Please contact me to discuss, Thank you, Liz
TS2 SPACE - Thuraya IP
Satellite internet
Zdrastwuyte!!! Ya interesuyus sputnikowyy internet dlya jiteley Turkmenistana ?! Wy smojete obyesnit podrobnee....
Спутниковый интернет
Пожалуйста укажите какие услуги спутникового интернета можно подключить в Туркменистане, какие тарифы сейчас являются актуальными TS2 SPACE E70B Wide, Ku Band
Спутниковое интернет
Здравствуйте я бы хотел узнать, вы до сих устанавливаете спутниковое интернет
Хочу провести дома спутниковый интернет! Интересует цена
Businesscomm’s Dedicated Network
Здравствуйте! Как можно приобрести оборудование для спутникового SpaceX интернета?Сколько оно стоит? Сколько будет стоить безлимитный годовой пакет?
VSAT rfq
Добрый день. Филиал Корпорации Шлюмберже Лоджелко Инк в Туркменистане объявлет тендер на выявление подрядчика для предоставления доступа к интернету с приблизительной скоростью 2 мегабиа в секунду на основе спутниковой связи либо 3G либо медных или волоконных кабелей для баз Корпорации в городе Хазар (Балкан) и локации Самандепе (Лебап). Очень желательно предоставление открытых портов 500 и 4500 для isakmp и ipsec. Просим предоставить ваше предложение со свеми возможными техническими решениями до 28-го мая, 2018. Условия оптлаты – в люой валюте на банковский счет подрядчика в течение 70ти дней после предоставления счета на оплатув бухгалтерию Шлюмберже в городе Ашгабад или Балканабад. По всем вопросам технического характера просим обращаться к Тагану Амангулыеву
тарифы, способы оплаты TS2 SPACE
In search of Internet
Hello. I am Meylis Cherkezov and i work at "Gazyk Oil & Gas" company in Turkmenistan. We are in search of satellite internet. Can you provide us product catalog, price and speed of internet informations? Also how much time will be needed to produce, send and install. Thank you. Regards
satellite internet
we need an Internet stream from the satellite and the price for 1: 1, 1: 2, 1:10 and 1:20. Please provide us as soon as possible
Internet Service Needed
Hi, I would like to obtain TS2 SPACE internet in Ashgabat the capital of Turkmenistan. If possible please let us know how to contact you. We have Router, Antenna already which are working. Faheem Best Regards,
Mobile Broadband
Please give me an information and complete quotation for MTS - Internet Maxi (Internet Packages Day and Night) package and how and where to avail.
Internet access in Turkmenistan
Hello, I am looking for iDirect Evolution W6 internet service on an off shore platform in the Caspian Sea off the coast of Turkmenistan. Can your equipment be used in Turkmenistan or is there some sort of special license requirement to get permission from the government to use your service?
Satellite providers
Hello I am from Turkmenistan. I need a Businesscom Networks satellite internet to connection in order to access internet freely and without restrictions (in TM internet is very unstable and most of biggest sites are banned). The speed should be 10Mbit/s preferably. Please contact me urgently. Thank you very much for cooperation
I want to use TS2 SPACE internet with monthly payment, but how can I do payments?
Online recharge
Hi, how can i top up mts mobile credit cards from my master Card for Turkmenistan region? Regards AQ Muhammad
Reqd good speed internet for home
I am living in Mary, Turkmenistan. Iw ant a good MTS speed internet for my home.
Satellite Internet
Hi I just read Juch-Tech can provide the service to Turkmenistan and I am wondering how much it could cost for residential proposes? I will appreciate your attention
Я проживаю в г. Ашхабаде, Туркменистан. Хочу иметь безлимитный доступ к интернету через спутник. I want to have unlimited access to internet via satellite.
Qantsat Unlimited packages Я живу в Ашгабаде, Туркменистан. I live in Ashgabad, Turkmenistan. Хочу получить доступ к интернету через спутник и готов производить оплату онлайн в USD. I want to get an access to internet via satellite and ready to pay in USD online.
Free internet satellite
More info on prices/speeds/latencies... or all possible options
I am from Turkmenistan(TM). But currently I am in other country, where internet is cheap and has considerably higher quality than in TM. The problem is the government - dictatorship, bribery system... so government blacklisted majority of the world wide popular resources (such as YouTube, Facebook...) simply because users may reach to hidden or real information on those resources. About 500K people from overall population may afford somewhat ~400$ as initial installation(needed equipment and setting up) and max of ~100$ per month for internet without censorship. Final question is what kind of (one user)satellite internet You can offer for ~100$(70 - 130$)per month? Traffic: Unlimited If You have no one particular answer or it is related to "it depends on...", please, send me all information on this You can give. Thank you!
Hi i want to use satellite internet what kind of equipments needed? How can i do payment?
I want to use internet
i want to use internet with satillete
цена, зона покрытия
Hello dear employees of a site, I searched for the provider on connection of the satellite Internet here in search and have found your site only I can not understand all on English написанно I can not understand tariffs the price, me интерисует безлемитный the traffic and a cover zone of Turkmenistan the request if is at you there employees with Russian язычным understanding to write all more in detail and to send the letter on my mail my contacts +xxxx in advance thanks!
satellite internet
Hy, i would like to use your satellite internet in turkmenistan/turkmenbashi. Please tell me what do i need to buy to set up sattelite connection for my laptop ,and how much it costs,also what package you recomend me for internet browsing and skype .
i want to use satellite internet in turkmenistan
i need to use satellite internet in turkmenistan . how to use your internet service and can i pay fee with visa electron. ?


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