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* Name Download Upload Type Price USD
TS2 SPACE Thuraya IP 444 kbit/s 384 kbit/s Satellite phones $2,76
TS2 SPACE Internet connections over Thuraya XT 60 kbit/s 15 kbit/s Satellite phones $1,74
TS2 SPACE Internet connections over Iridium phone 9 kbit/s 9 kbit/s Satellite phones $0,85
TS2 SPACE Internet connections over Inmarsat Isatphone 2 kbit/s 2 kbit/s Satellite phones $0,86

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Хочу провести дома спутниковый интернет! Интересует цена
satellite internet
we need an Internet stream from the satellite and the price for 1: 1, 1: 2, 1:10 and 1:20. Please provide us as soon as possible
Мне нужен спутниковый Интернет для Туркменистана
И как вам
Satellite providers
Hello I am from Turkmenistan. I need a Businesscom Networks satellite internet to connection in order to access internet freely and without restrictions (in TM internet is very unstable and most of biggest sites are banned). The speed should be 10Mbit/s preferably. Please contact me urgently. Thank you very much for cooperation
Satellite Internet
Hi I just read Juch-Tech can provide the service to Turkmenistan and I am wondering how much it could cost for residential proposes? I will appreciate your attention
Internet access in Turkmenistan
Hello, I am looking for iDirect Evolution W6 internet service on an off shore platform in the Caspian Sea off the coast of Turkmenistan. Can your equipment be used in Turkmenistan or is there some sort of special license requirement to get permission from the government to use your service?
satellite internet
Hy, i would like to use your satellite internet in turkmenistan/turkmenbashi. Please tell me what do i need to buy to set up sattelite connection for my laptop ,and how much it costs,also what package you recomend me for internet browsing and skype .
STARLINK availability
Dear Sir, Madam, please advise if Starlink will be available in Turkmenistan, or will there be a roaming option available which will work in this region.
TS2 SPACE - Thuraya IP
Internet speed 20mbit

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