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Last Inquiries from Vietnam

Need Starlink MPLs and Internet Links for office use
Hi Need quotation for below bandwidth. Internet - 100 MBPS MPLS - 20 MBPS Regards Santosh
Link or circuit requirement NetNam Internet & MPLS
Please share the quotation for below bandwidth. Internet 100 MBPS MPLS - 20 MBPS Its bit urgent, please share it on priority
Need Viettel quotation for below bandwidth
Internet - 100 MBPS and MPLS - 20 MBPS Please share the quotation for following bandwidth
Satellite internet for my truck and homestead
Prices and what I need to set up satilite internet in my truck and homestead in vietnam
Businesscom Networks Internet Options for Vietnam
Hi, I am tasked with looking for internet options Could you please provide me with options and costs, the service would be for up to 20 people. Thanks Dan
Viettel MetroWAN, Office WAN(MPLS), Leased Line
Hi, Could you please explain the difference between MetroNet, Office WAN(MPLS), and Lease Line in terms of connectivity and pricing? What's the best internet solution and bandwidth for a new company with 200 employees with the possibility of expansion in the near future? Thanks
Migrating to Cloud PABX system
Hi SPT Team, Good day, Am Praveen from B2BE. We have an requirement in our Vietnam Office Pabx setup right now. We are planning to move into a cloud based/host PABX solution for our office. Can you able to provide us a SIP Line service that can allow us to connect to our new phone system in Australia. Also we need to port our existing phone numbers to new phone system. Let me know if you can help us with the mentioned requirement. Thanks
Corporate Business Internet
Hi, Enquiry for company use NetNam Internet package. Thank you
Request for quotation
To whom it may concern: We are in the process of upgrading our internet line in one of our office in Vietnam and with that, May I request your good office to please provide us quotation for the following requirements; 80-100 Mbps - Domestic bandwith 20-30 Mbps - International bandwith I appreciate if NetNam Cooperation could provide few options for us to choose. if you need more info on this, feel free to drop me an email thank you James
Request for quotation
To whom it may concern: We are in the process of upgrading our internet line in one of our office in Vietnam and with that, May I request your good office to please provide us quotation for the following requirements; 80-100 Mbps - Domestic bandwith 20-30 Mbps - International bandwith I appreciate if FPT Corporation could provide few options for us to choose. if you need more info on this, feel free to drop me an email thank you James
HTC-ITC: ISP Internet/Leased Line/VoIP/Email/SMS
Dear: Valued Customers, HTC International Telecommunication JSC (HTC - ITC) is a member of Ha Noi Telecom Corporation. HTC ITC professional in Telecom Services, we supplies to our customers with high quality, the best solutions from professional services. HTC – ITC services: · FTTH Services · Internet Leased Line Services (Direct) · VPN/MPLS (Local and Inter-provinces) · Internet Leased Line (Private) · IPLC (International) · VPBX (Virtual Private Branch Exchange) · VoIP Services · Cloud Wi-Fi Solutions (Fast Speed) · ITC Solutions · SMS brand name · Email MKT
V-Sat rent
Hello Sir/Madam, Kindly i want to ask if i want to rent E70B SEA EVO V-sat system for offshore (on a vessel). Can you provide the service with the hardware? Regards Mahmoud
Greetings from CMC Telecom Vietnam/ 越南CMC电信的问候
My name is Hanna - Account Manager of International Business Division - CMC Telecom Vietnam. We - CMC Telecom ( is a joint-stock company with 46% share of TIME dotCom(Malaysia) and major shareholder of CMC Group (, the leading ICT firms with 27 years history in Vietnam. CMC Telecom has a full suite of Telecom & ISP license to provide FTTx, DIA, IPLC/IEPL, VPN/MPLS/ EoSDH, Data Center, Cloud … based on CMC Telecom's own network infrastructure, with domestic & international network including submarine cables and land cable, POPs in Hongkong/Singapore/Malaysia/Amsterdam and also own 3 neutral Data Centers in Vietnam – the member of the ADCA Alliance ( We are one of the biggest ISPs in Vietnam. Kindly find CMC Telecom Introduction Presentaion as attachment for your further reference. As you know, Vietnam is a blooming market as there are many Taiwanese companies invest in Vietnam. It is a good sign for our cooperation. Please kindly advise any new process and whether we can further discuss with you on Internet offering as a starting point in Vietnam and regional markets.
How much for the best internet package
Need FPT Corporation internet package for my coffee shop, what is cost? Thu-duc Cay Keo
VSAT Internet equipment & contract
Hello! We looking for order Intelsat 22 VSAT Internet (to use in Vietnam region). Please send TS2 SPACE price lists for neccessary sattelite equipment (antenna+modem) and available contracts for internet bundles. With best regards, Aleksandr.
Dedicated Leased Line for Business Event
We need a dedicated leased line connection for the 27th and 28th of November in Revons Studio in Ho Chi Minh City. This is for a live streaming talk show event. The speed we are looking for is 2 Mbps or 4 Mbps. Is it possible to hire this connection for 2 days for the event? Could you let us know the day tariff for - 2 Mbps, 4 Mbps and 8 Mbps dedicated lease line connections?
VNPT VinaPhone price ?
how much per month / 1 year ? in HCMC
Internet Leased Line
Hello, We are looking for internet leased line with below said criteria. BANDWIDTH - Minimum 10 MBit/s - When local Internet with VPN shall replace the existing MPLS connection: Symmetrical bandwidth, i.e. Upstream speed equals Downstream speed - The maximum bandwidth for the ZScaler Cloud Security connection is 200 MBit/s, so this would be the maximum bandwidth for the local internet connection. Going beyond does not make sense currently… IP ADDRESS - A fixed, static, public (routed on the Internet) IPv4 address is needed (Minimum 2) - The address must not be NATed or translated in any other form (e.g. Carrier grade NAT,…) FILTERING - The Internet access must not be filtered - The Internet access must not be restricted regarding VPN connectivity, also not regarding VPN connectivity to a foreign country. PORT - We require an Ethernet port as the local demarcation/handover point - The Ethernet port shall be set to auto-negotiation Regards, Firdosh Kapadia
Internet for Restaurant
Dear VNPT VinaPhone Customer service, We are going to open Restaurant (2 floors, around 500m2 each) and Pool Bar (localized separately). We need to have wi-fi. Could you please inform how much mega bytes/sec we need. What is the price per month?
SIP Trunk Voice Service with 10 SIP Channels in Vietname
Dear sir / Madam, We are planning to set up an office in Vietnam and would like to have a voice service installed in our new office. Required voice service is SIP trunk voice service with 10 SIP channels and 1 X 100 DID range. We will install our own voice device at the office and manage. Please provide us with a quote for SIP trunk voice service, 100 DID range and local, national, international call rates. Below is the intended address. Hanoi, Vietnam Thank you and regards, Zaw
Order Internet
Hi I live at Vinomes Central Park and I would like to order Viettel - FTTH Edu Fast Internet. I am sure you have other Customers from Vinhomes.. Can you please tell me how we can proceed? Hồ Chí Minh, Vietnam kind regardsm Christian
Home internet
Hi! I work in ben tra, vietnam I want you to introduce FPT - Fiber Me internet in my house I live near Giao Long Industrial Area. I plan to stay here for a long time. I need internet to download - at least 10 Mbit / s upload thank you very much
Request for Home Internet Satellite
Hi, Please advise if there's any chance for me to use your Businesscom Networks internet satellite service for my home. I a living in Vietnam. Look forward to hearing from you! With best regards, Dinh
Request for Home Internet Satellite
Hi, Please advise if there's any chance for me to use TS2 SPACE internet satellite service for my home. I a living in Vietnam. Look forward to hearing from you! With best regards, Dinh
Request for Home Internet Satellite
Hi, Please help to advise if there's any option for my home to use OneWeb internet satellite. I am living in Vietnam. Look forward to hearing from you! With best regards, Dinh
Set Appointment to install new service
Please contact me to install iSEE service Thank you. I currently have your service provided by landlord expense. Moving and wish to install during move in incase workmen need free access. Thank you for your prompt response, Kenneth
RFQ for new office in VN
Dear Sir, We would like to have your quote for FPT - Fiber Family Internet service at Viettel Building in Hanoi Vietnam.
New office set
Dear Sir, We plan to set up the new office in VN and here is our requirement and office VN information. 1. Hanoi Telecom Internet Leased line; for monthly, 6 month, 12 month • 20Mbps International Band 300Mbps Domestic Bandwidth • 05Mbps International Band 150Mbps Domestic Bandwidth 2. PBX TELEPHONY SERVICE (ISDN - E1) CALL RATES • Local Call Charge (per minute) • Interprovincial Call Charge (per Minute, Second, etc.,) o Internal network o External network • Mobile Subscriber Charge (per Minute, Second, etc.,) o Internal network o External network (Other network)
Support IT in building for MEP consultants
Dear Saigon Post and Telecommunications, We are an M&E Consultancy Firm specialised in commercial buildings and high-star hotels. We are currently looking for a provider in IT field (Data, Tel, Television) who can support us with technical advice and solution for IT systems. If you are interested, please provide us with your company profile and contact details. We look forward to cooperating with you in our future projects. Thank you & best regards,
Inquiry about Fix IP address services
is there any possibility FPT provide fix ip adress services?
Satellite Internet in Vietnam
Hello, I am living in Vietnam in a place where I can have only one DSL provider, with extremely poor service quality and permanent Internet problem. So, I want satellite Juch-Tech Inc. Internet in the villa that I own with my Vietnamese wife. Can you please give me the mensual price for your service, the download/upload rate, latency, price and if certain conditions can interrupt the connection (weather for example). About the initial installation of the service, what is the price and what equipment must be installed? Thanks for your answers. Best regards, Alexis
Fiber connection for business
Dear madam or sir, We are looking to open a branch office and I would like to inquire about the Fiber Business VNN fiber internet connection installation proposal. We are looking for 35M/35M download/upload speeds with best effort SLA and a 1-year contract. We are expecting to have up to 50 users and would need 1 fixed IP. I would like to know what would be the installation cost of the fiber connection in this area and what would be the monthly subscription cost. Also, what is the delivery time for the service? Thank you. Kind Regards, Pepka
Fast Satellite internet quotation 100Mbps
TS2 SPACE To be used in online meetings with Chinese companies (international WiFi) from my home
Home Internet
I want to know the price for FPT home Internet in Vietnam.
FTTH connection
Good afternoon I would like to investigate upgrading my ADSL connection to a VNPT VinaPhone fibre connection. I live in Trung Son in Binh Chanh District HCMC Can you help me.
Need to renew my payment
Hi there I believe I had a contract with VNPT for six months and have the fiber cable in my home but need to pay again. My name is Helen. Chung Cu Phu My. PLease can you call me to arrange payment? Thanks Helen
I need to renew my internet and pay!
Hi There, my name is Helen and I have FPT fiber internet at home (45 high speed) but I think my subscription has run out as it is very slow now. I need to pay for more months - my address is Please can someone contact me asap to renew it? Thanks Helen
Looking for a new ISP in Hanoi
Hello, We are looking for a new ISP for our house in Ba Dinh, Hanoi. Do Hanoi Telecom provide such a service? If so please advise the cost of the monthly plans. Thanks, Eileen
ISP provider
Hello we live in HN in a 3 storey house, with 2 routers. we are looking to change ISP. What can Hanoi Telecom provide and what is the cost??
I'm interested in subscribing to this system. I live in Da Nang and have braodband internet connection but the connection is very unstable, impossible to watch IPTV etc. Can TS2 SPACE send me details of your satellite connection, price, when could be connected and any other information that you think I would need. Regards Kevin
Dear all, we just moved to a new house in Thao Dien, what can you offer for VNPT Internet and Wlan and/or TV? Thanks and best regards, Daniel
Satellite Internet for Home
Hello. I am interested in setting up satellite internet for a house south of Rach Gia. Is that viable? How much will installation cost, how dependable is the connection during the rainy season and can I set up a monthly payment through a U.S. bank.
Inquiry So-net Company Profile
Dear Mr./Mrs., I am Ms. Phuong, work as BDM from FPT Telecom International, a member of FPT Group Vietnam, the biggest private-owned telecom company in Vietnam and in the top 100 biggest companies in ASEAN ranked by the Nikkei Asian Review in 2014 and 2015. Also, we have already secured a license to provide fixed telecoms and internet services in Myanmar, becoming the first 100-percent foreign-owned firm to operate in the field there. Indeed, we are interested in expanding global market for international data transmission and we'd like to have interconnection with So-net to develop more business between Viet Nam – Hongkong enterprise ICT market as well as extend your service into Vietnam. Can we enquiry about your company profile to know more clearly about So-net? Thanks in advance. Warm Regards, HOANG THI BICH PHUONG (Ms.) Business Development Manager Global Business Center FPT Telecom International Co., Ltd Tel: +84 (8) 73002222 (Ext: 18452 ) Mobile: +84 90 9930 834 Fax: +84 (8) 73002233 Address: FPT Building, L29B-31B-33B Tan Thuan str., Tan Thuan EPZ, District 7, HCMC Email: Skype: phuonghoang2911
Leased line 10 Mbps with Class of 8 Static IP
Required Leased Line Connection speed 10 Mbps with Class of 8 Static IP, Please sent the Quotation for the same at the earliest.... District: Vinh Phuc Province, Vietnam
RFQ for Internet leased line
Hanoi Telecom - Leased Line Internet HTC
Need you update The internet service provider in Vietnam
Dear Allisps I'm Tuan, From Viettel (An ISP ) in Vietnam. I've read your list in this link: . Hi. It has not updated for a long time. Everything has change. I can help you update this. This is my website company: htts:// Hoping to hear from you soon. T.
FPT Connection checker
I will be moving to Vietnam in July. Can you advise to FPT FTTH/FTTB availability in Ho Chi Minh? Can I check this online? Thanks, Benjamin
Satellite Dish for Internet
Hello, I'd like to get a FPT satellite dish for use in Hoa Binh, VN. Can you send my VN friend or myself a contact phone number for you?
Buy dish for internet
I want to get a Dish for Businesscom Networks internet use . I am in Hoa Binh Province. My name Miss Trang.
Internet Connection in Quang Ngai
Hi, I live in Quang Ngai and need an FPT Corporation internet connection at home. Do you have your service available in Quang Ngai? Bui
Quotation for Satellite internet services for ship drilling in Vietnam
Dear ladies/gents, We're going to rent satellite internet network services will be used for ship drilling in offshore Vietnam, the tentative schedule is around five month per ship per year. Could you please consider and send us the quotation for this services which is inclusive of set up, mobilize, monthly rate charge and terms & conditions together. Pls note that we have already instalied the VSAT system on ship and we need to connect it before job start and remove after job done. Long term contract is preferable cause we need 4-5 satellite network stations for 4 ship drilling. Thanks. Mr Henry
Price Quote
Could you please provide me with more details on TS2 SPACE package?
Site office to connect to SG
My Vietnam subsidiary need to access an application which is reside in Singapore server. Users about 10 people. Kindly please advise what are the Pacnet solution available and the cost.
Hi, Good day!. Our place is located 1km away from the main road of pinamungajan, cebu, philippines. I would like to ask if what is the recommended internet provider for that area? and also, what are the procedure of installation. many thanks.
sports and news packages for Australia
Hi I would like to watch sports and news in Australia Regards Barrie
Looking for Feasible MAN solution
Hi This is Karthik from Lazada SE Pte ltd Singapore, I am senior network engineer, we have more than 8 office location in Vietnam Hanoi, HCM & Tan Binh etc. we would like explore with get these location connected via P2M dedicated lines , might be cost effective and reliable tech such like Metro Ethernet, ELAN etc.. Looking for some valuable information from ISP and support & sales team, Thanks in advance and Appreciate it.
Internet VOIP provider
We provide Internet and VOIP service in Vietnam. Please contact us via +848 73002222 ext: 8960 - HoangNhi or email: Thanks so much
Internet Quotation
Hi Team, Request TS2 SPACE support to get Internet connection bandwidth. We need redundant 20mbps internet bandwidth for data and redundant 30mbps internet bandwidth for Voice. Request you to send me the proposal and contact person so that we can connect directly with you. Regards, Raghavendra Concentrix Procurement Team
data only sim cards
I am looking for a prepaid Vietnam Mobile data sim card only, to use for translations, street maps and video calls.... if you can help can I PICKUP at the airport...
data only sim cards
I am looking for a G Mobile data only prepaid sim card, to use for translations, street maps and video calls...can you help... if you can can I pickup at the airport?
Internet Connection
I need an VNPT VinaPhone internet connection to the office, the area that can be on the cover?
I would like to install internet to my apartment
I teach English online. The company I work for requires that I need to use direct internet cable to the computer. Currently I have Wi-Fi which is not enough. How can I install my own Viettel line?
Satelliet internet
I live beteren sapa and ta phin. Place cold Matra . Internet not possible by cable on this moment. Can OneWeb give me some informatie and prices? We used only laptop and some mobiele.
Looking for reliable and fast internet access
Hi, I am interested in fast and reliable TS2 SPACE internet access inVietnam via Sat. Do you provide any services in this area? Can you please provide options and prices. I wouldneed to know the mean latency to europe. Regards Reza
Ku Band or C-Band Satellite for Internet Sat for Offshore Rig
Dear Sir, Would like to inquire about the WiFi provider for offshore drilling rig. Kindly send us quote for JuchTech packages 2mbps/512kbps. To be installed onboard drilling rig. Thanks, Joseph
Satelliet internet
Look for Viettel internet in my Home for laptop. Place No kabel yet . District tra ...ta phin vietnam
VSAT service to offshore platform to Ho
We need a TS2 SPACE VSAT service from offshore CPP platform to Ho Chi Minh city (about 300km apart), including the leased to the office in HCM Aker Solutions Malaysia
Supply VSAT service in Vietnam
Dear all, We, OSB, are VSAT service provider in Vietnam. We can provide service for fixed station, mobile station, COTM... with reasonable price. Please contact us at
Need apply the Internet Fiber to the Business
Dear all ISP's We from Viet Nam, so we want to apply the Internet Fiber at Yagon, Myanmar, pleased recontact us to discuss more. Or we would like to seek you advise for this case.
pricing for international Internet speed from vn
I would like to find out the TS2 SPACE max speed and pricing for international speed from vn
Ho Chi Minh City - internet line for one day lease
Hi, I need to connect to my company's network to host a webcast on the internet from a hotel's conference room in Ho Chi Minh City. Using the hotel's Wifi may not work due to stability and speed of connection. Can you advise the options and cost for leasing an internet fixed line and cost.
Price for ADSL service
Hi sir, Could you provice us price's packets in Vienchane, Laos with ADSL service. Thank you
supply a optical fiber cable
Dear i am Hien from Viet Nam, we are a lager optical fiber cable manufacturer at Viet Nam. we want to introduce to you my produce, please feel free to reply to me. i hope we can coperation next time. tks and regar! Hien Dinh
Asking for price on satellite internet system for security and command center.
need price for satellite internet installation for central command center and security network.
I am living in USA. I will be traveling to Vietnam for 3 weeks. I will stay in HO CHi MINH CITY. can you set up a satellite internet that i can use USB to get online?
Contract proposal for Satellite internet in Vietnam
Dear ladies/gents, We're looking for satellite internet network will be used on the Rig which located in Vietnam (Ba Ria - Vung Tau, Offshore Vietnam). Please send me the contract proposal for set up, mobilize, and using rate charge. Normally, our job is 1 month to 2 year, we need to set up the network before job start and remove after job done. Long term contract is preferable cause we need 4-5 satellite network stations for 4-5 Rigs. Thanks & Regards, Hung.
transmission for node B
I want to lease the Ip saterlite for island mobile station. Please give me the solution and the contract proposal.
Satellite internet option for Vietnam Based IT company
Hi I have an IT startup company and I need internet access alternative . Can you please let me know that Ho chim minh city is in your coverage area, and what are the limitation to you use satellite internet comparing cable? Best Regards Hasan Kurtulus Legiti Applications Co ltd
Satellite Internet Request
Hi, I would like to order satellite internet for my home in Him Lam (Quan Bay) in HCMC VN. Can you please contact me to let me know how I get the equipment and get set up? Thank you, Al
Satellite phone for Car
We need to buy a set of Satellite mobile phone which is equiped on car


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