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service availability & pricing
Hi - I'd like to speak with someone about TS2 SPACE service availability and pricing. Thanks Rudy
Internet Service in St. Thomas
Hi Guys, My name is Rudy. My wife and I just rented an apartment in St. Thomas. I am on the installation schedule with Viya for a wired Internet connection, and am looking for a secondary Broadband VI satellite connection. We mainly browse the Internet, send emails, download books to our kindles, watch YouTube videos, and occasionally purchase and download movies. I see that you offer two consumer plans .99 & .99. I am interested in speaking with someone to see if your service is available at our location. If yes, than I would like to find out more about your company, and what to expect if another major hurricane comes through the area. Your equipment will be powered by our off-grid system. Thank You, Rudy
Satellite Service for 1 month
Hello, Our firm has a trial in the U.S. Virgin Islands in May. The internet service at the location is very poor. May I please get information on the options that Juch-Tech have available? Thank you, Tenacia
How do I sign up for Braidband internet?
Broadband VI
service in the USVI
I am interested in a TS2 SPACE Satellite ISP. After the Hurricanes the internet services were damaged and Im interested in an ISP that can offer good upload speeds.
I would like to get more information regarding the TS2 SPACE pricing options and other fees that are available.
satellite internet
Hello I am inquiring about the price for satellite internet for my home since the hurricane knocked out regular DSL connection?
Vsat service
I would like to get some pricing for vsat internet and phone services. I am located in the US Virgin Islands.
New Service
seeking OneWeb service.
DSL/Fiber Serviceability Prequalification Request
Hello, I'm looking for DSL or Fiber serviceability for two Claire's stores that are outside of our service area. The desired speeds are 16M/3M on a 3 year contract, if available. Thank you!
TS2 SPACE Availibility?
Starting a small business that will require fast, reliable, internet services for use in video conferencing and data transfer; also, general internet usage (email, research).


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