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Dear Sir/Madame, I am a Supply Chain Specialist for North Africa, working for Danish Refugee Council / Danish Demining Group and based just south of Tindouf in Algeria. For the next 6 months we will be working in Western Sahara completing Non-Technical Surveying (NTS), an assessment of land for possible contamination with mines or other ordnance. We will also be teaching Mine Risk Education (MRE) to the local population. We are currently looking for an internet solution for a team of 11 NTS facilitators who will be based in Western Sahara and would like to know a little more about BusinessCom VSAT product and its suitability for our programme, certainly until the end of July but hopefully into next year. We hope to be established in WS by the beginning of March so any help you can give us would be much appreciated! Thanks in advance Tom
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