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Fikas Bredbånd

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Fikas Bredbånd

Address: Rossmollgata 50 9600 Hammerfest / Postboks 3 9615 Hammerfest

Phone(s): 78 42 82 00, 78 42 82 06


Registered in the following countries: Norway

Fikas Bredbånd (Hammerfest Energi) is an energy company with a head office in Hammerfest, Norway. They have created the first electric sparks in 1891. They have become a key player in electric streetlights in Northern Europe. Today, they are also specializing in the provision of TV, Telephony and Internet access to individuals and business clients. They hire over 60 employees but now they are still looking for IT experts to create new services and offers for loyal customers and business partners.


Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Tornado 100/5 100 Mbit/s 5 Mbit/s Home Internet $103,39 monthly
Tornado 50/5 50 Mbit/s 5 Mbit/s Home Internet $74,64 monthly