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Home Telecom

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Home Telecom

Address: United Kingdom

Phone(s): 01403 216133


Registered in the following countries: United Kingdom

Home Telecom is known in the UK as a part of the Global 4 family of enterprises. Home Telecom is the deliverer for many leading Letting and Estate Agents across the UK. Tenants and home owners can have many advantages thanks to their unique quality products and tariffs, UK based customer service care. They are also guaranteed a premium service. Home Telecom specializes in the delivery of tailored telecoms solutions.


Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Broadband Only Package 24 Mbit/s 24 Mbit/s Home Internet $36 monthly
Fibre Broadband Package 40 Mbit/s 40 Mbit/s Business Internet $60 monthly

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