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Address: Internew sp. z o.o. 41-250 Czeladź ul. Katowicka 95

Phone(s): sales department: 887-881-337 oraz 887-881-338technology dep.: 887-881-334 oraz 887-881-335


Registered in the following countries: Poland

Internew is a new quality to Polish roar of telecommunications and in the wider field of information technology. We are a team consisting of the best specialists with many years of practice. Now forming quality based on experience in a new and fundamental principles of the development of the IT market. We invite you to contact and cooperation Internew is more than just a telecommunications operator. For our clients we also provide a range of additional services, such as: - Hosting, - Designing and maintaining websites, - Video Surveillance, - Other installation services, - Maintenance of computers and telecommunications equipment. - A range of other services to the industry. Each of our subscriber also receives a completely free: - Consulting, - Telephone assistance in solving technical problems.


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