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Address: TRESTON s.c. ul.Opolska 91m1,52-010 Wrocław

Phone(s): 71 738 11 60, 790 517 820


Registered in the following countries: Poland

Standard dedicated application development cycle: Requirements specification - gather information on the expectations of the system. Functional design - preparing the initial structure of the system, based on which will be further specified requirements for application functionality. System design - preparation of full technical documentation, specification modules and functionality. System- execution system implementation and provide ready-made modules for provisional acceptance in order to familiarize yourself with them and report any comments. Final tests - tests the proper operation of the system and its performance. Implementation of the system - installation and (optionally) are trained in the system. Integration - we offer integration with any system. Technical support - maintenance of applications, servers and ongoing technical support. Development of the system - system expansion with new functionality Examples of dedicated applications: CRM systems specialized modules e-shop / e-Warehouse systems of registration / reservation affiliate programs database management Expansion Modules CMS functionality electronic calendars intranet systems. Applications for the exchange of data between now used applications (databases)


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