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2Play 8Mb 400

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2Play 8Mb 400

Claro Peru

Address: Jirón de la Unión 431, Cercado de Lima, Lima 1

Phone(s): (1) 613-1000


Registered in the following countries: Peru

Claro Peru belongs to Claro group of companies operating in telecommunications sector. Their wide offer of products and services includes: fixed telephony, mobile Internet and Postpaid / Prepaid services, Fixed Wireless Internet, Digital TV, EVO plans and many more. Claro wishes to deliver Mobile Internet Services to all citizens of Peru no matter where they live.


Claro Peru offers fixed Internet plans with a high-speed Internet connection as well as unlimited downloads and controlled telephone service. 2Play 8Mb 400 plan has also a functionality of Wi-fi for you to have the possibility to connect several devices to the Internet at once. Standard monthly charge is USD 34.51 but you can receive a promotional price of USD 17.11 per 1 month. Browsing speeds is up to 8Mbps. 400 minutes for calls are available in a fixed telephony plan called Multidestino.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
2Play 8Mb 400 8 Mbit/s 8 Mbit/s Home Internet $34,51 monthly 8MB