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3.75 G Internet

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3.75 G Internet


Address: Avenue du General Abubakar Sangoulé LAMIZANA, 01 BP 6622 Ouagadougou.

Phone(s): +226 50 33 14 00


Registered in the following countries: Burkina Faso

The business of Celtel Burkina Faso operating under the airtel brand officially began on 1 January 2001. Celtel Burkina Faso operating under the Airtel brand is the most innovative mobile cellular operator in Burkina Faso. We were the first to introduce the following services:
- International roaming
- National and international text messages
- Customer service available 7 days 7
- Cell Phone Community

Celtel Burkina Faso operating under the airtel brand since its implementation has evolved from strength to strength. The number of customers has improved a lot. Our network coverage and our quality of service are unparalleled.
We want to maintain our leadership position by offering more services, constantly improving our offers and always taking care of our customers.


What the Internet 3.75 G airtel?
The internet is 3.75G advanced technology in the mobile phone industry, commonly known as the 3rd generation of the Internet. This technology offers a high-performance quality internet service and provides access to a multitude of internet service at very high speed. It complements the technology currently used, 2G or 2.75G which offers GPRS / EDGE for the use of the internet.
With 3G enabled devices (mobile phone, modem, router or mini wireless router), you can enjoy innovative services such as video calling but also view your videos on YouTube (, d send and receive large files as attachments by email, download music, stay connected to your favorite social networks such as Facebook ( ), Twitter ( ), LinkedIn ( www. ), Google+ ( and still have your basic services such as calls and SMS.
3G technology has evolved over time to the HSPA + version commonly called 3.75G, Airtel has put at the disposal of its customers in Burkina Faso.
The internet 3.75G offers the fastest connection speed of up to 21Mb Burkina / second speed sends.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
3.75 G Internet 512 kbit/s 256 kbit/s Mobile broadband $price on request monthly