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Abranet service

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Abranet service


Address: Rua da Quitanda, 96 São Paulo

Phone(s): 11 3078 3866, +55 11 3078-3866


Registered in the following countries: Brazil

Abranet has a long history thanks to which they are now one of the most popular Internet Providers in Brazil. The company was established in 1996. They are aimed to support the national efforts in implementing ISP's services & information services to spread Internet development across Brazil. The Abranet's top corporate goals support services, information and research, Internet access development plus other professional activities related to Internet technology.


Abranet is controlling Brazilian popular free Internet access providers , i.e. iG, POP, iBest and iTelefonica and also attempting to deliver free internet access through their partners (Anatel) to approve several Internet access models that will underline data provision and local voice traffic. Abranet wants to allow free Internet access to over 2.6 million students in about 600 cities across the country.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Abranet service 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Home Internet $price on request monthly