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AllDayTalk Cable

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AllDayTalk Cable

Tieus Technology Corporation

Address: 310 - 1200 W.73rd Ave., Vancouver, BC, V6P 6G5 Canada

Phone(s): 1-855-3584300 (Free)


Registered in the following countries: Canada

Tieus Technology Corporation is a Canadian based communications company which offers phone service, fax to email, internet broadband access and business PBX services. The company has been operating on the market since 1997 and is located in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. The company provides fiber optic based internet access and voice services to both business and individual users, provides free technical assistance and flexible pricing.


AllDayTalk Cable is a perfect solution for any home user. It is broadband access without any data transfer limits or data caps. It is offered with monthly payments, without any locking contract. The activation fee is only and can be reduced in case of signing optional contract covering 24 months or using service for at least 6 months. Same contract enables also free modem with router rental. More details are given on request.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
AllDayTalk Cable 19.53 Mbit/s 1.46 Mbit/s Cable Internet access $29 monthly
AllDayTalk Cable 73.24 Mbit/s 7.32 Mbit/s Cable Internet access $35 monthly
AllDayTalk Cable 292.97 Mbit/s 19.53 Mbit/s Cable Internet access $price on request monthly