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Anylink Satellite Internet


Address: Anylink Argentina SA Constitution 3968 (C1254ABR) Buenos Aire

Phone(s): +54-(011) 6091-2600


Registered in the following countries: Argentina

Anylink Argentina SA , is a customer-oriented and professional,commited organization. From the beginning, it has been characterized in the market by providing solid and very specific solutions to specific plans. In this regard, it is noteworthy that Argentina SA Anylink not outsource their implementation but on the contrary, does the same with its own staff also forming strategic alliances to integrate different services. The company is providing a thorough understanding of the details of implementation, allowing them to provide a strong after-sales support, since the same people who carried out the installation will be in contact with the customer in resolving any issues that it may present. Brand's response to permanent change scenarios suffering imposed by the country's economic reality, technological progress and the market is flexibility and adaptability . Anylink service offer: SATELLITE BROADBAND INTERNET WIRELESS INTERNET BROADBAND SATELLITE PHONE PRIVATE NETWORKS TEMPORARY SERVICES SPECIAL PROJECTS DEVELOPMENTS IN HARD / SOFT


Anylink offers broadband internet access via satellite at any geographical point of Argentina. To install their systems, you only need power and visibility to open in directions that vary by satellite. Satellite systems used, may be: fixed, semi-fixed or mobile . Fixed satellite systems: a satellite dish is placed on the roof of the house, trade or business (98 or 120 cm, weighing about 60 kg.). This place must have visual clearance to the satellite that is to be used. From said antenna they leave two coaxial cables (one receives the other transmits) that connect to a satellite decoder which is linked to the PC, router or server via a simple network cable and an Ethernet card. Data generated "space travel" to find a geostationary satellite at 36,000 km altitude, which in turn relays them to teleport, and then access the Internet. All this without a telephone line, or any other equipment than mentioned before. To provide these services use technology LinkStar or SkyStar . With the above technologies, we can provide bandwidths from "64 kbps (downstream) and 32 kbps upstream (upstream)" to "1024 kbps (downstream) and 512 kbps upstream (upstream)." The link is a "Permanent" no "Dedicated" so the bandwidth is "Shared" (shared). It is agreed with the client, after an initial survey, so as to ensure minimum quality AnyLink you want to give the link. The CIR (Committed Information Rate) can be weighted and undisclosed, according to the network traffic of the client.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Anylink Satellite Internet 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $price on request monthly