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Arcor ISDN and telephone lines

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Arcor ISDN and telephone lines


Address: Alfred Herrhausen Allee 1, 65760 Eschborn

Phone(s): 0181-070-010


Registered in the following countries: Germany

Arcor is a company specializing in the Internet Provision across Germany. Arcor has a headquarter located in Eschborn. They offer high quality, reliable and cost-effective products and services between which you may find DSL, TV, Internet, LTE, Smartphones, and more. Their offerings are dedicated for individuals as well as businesses (small, medium, large companies, institutions, organizations). Arcor delivers also many entertainment services. Their website is full of news and useful tips.


Arcor Telecommunications is known to be a telecommunication company located in Germany which delivers fixed phone lines, ISDN network (independent of Deutsche Telekom), and much more services for Internet needs of individuals as well as businesses (small, medium, large companies). ISDN is one of the simplest solutions that can be delivered to households across Germany. The company is also delivering other high quality products of high speeds and standards so that all internet needs can be met.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Arcor ISDN and telephone lines 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s ISDN $price on request monthly