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Basic Plan (BoliviaTel)

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Basic Plan (BoliviaTel)


Address: Avenida Sánchez Lima 2282, Edificio Da Vinci, Sopocachi, La Paz

Phone(s): 800-131-313


Registered in the following countries: Bolivia

BoliviaTel is a Bolivian Telecommunications operator who can deliver many different services to all citizens of the country no matter if they live in big cities or across rural parts of Bolivia. They offer IDD, NDD, Business, Professional and other broadband plans plus VSAT Net. Their offerings are directed to businesses as well as individuals. Their services are of high quality and at affordable prices.


BoliviaTel offers Basic Plan ( original name: Plan Basico) with speeds of 190 Kbps for download and 60 Kbps for upload at a monthly rate of 0.46. This plan is great for single home users and for those who have basic Internet needs: sending and receiving e-mails, browsing, using social media, and more. This plan is directed to individuals. Basic Plan can have 1 or 2 lines. In pre-payment option (6 months you can get 5% of discount) and if you choose prepayment of 12 months you can get 10% of discount. Prospecting cost 0. Installation cost is 0 and equipment rental for months is .



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Basic Plan (BoliviaTel) 190 kbit/s 60 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $390,46 monthly