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Kabelplus GmbH

Address: Maria Enzersdorf, NÖ 2344 Austria

Phone(s): 0800 800 514


Registered in the following countries: Austria

Kabelplus GmbH is a telecommunications company with a wide range of products and services concentrated on three areas: Net, Web, TV. Kabelplus GmbH is headquartered in Austria. They deliver high quality, reliable, cost-effective solutions to households and for businesses (small, medium, large companies). Their services include: Ethernet, corporate networks, leased lines, telephony, Internet access, and more. Kabelplus GmbH has a professional customer care team that will help you the moment you need information about these services.


Kabelplus GmbH can offer today very secure, reliable, affordable 3 in 1 “combo” called CABLE COMPLETE LIGHT including television, Internet and telephony services in one special package. This triple tariff includes unlimited web surfing, download speed up to 16 Mbps, upload speed up to 1 Mbps, over 130 digital TV channels (HD channels with no extra fees), USD 0.00 kabelTEL monthly charge for internal network, and much more. A handling fee of USD 16.20 for 1 year. Price includes VAT.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
CABLE COMPLETE LIGHT 16 Mbit/s 1 Mbit/s Home Internet $32,29 monthly