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CDSL Business 3072/512

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CDSL Business 3072/512

CNet (Fugger Computertechnik)

Address: Hauptstrasse 30, 2763 Pernitz

Phone(s): T : (2632) 74-242 F : (2632) 742-4277


Registered in the following countries: Austria

CNet (Fugger Computertechnik) is an Internet service Provider. CNet has a headquarter in Pernitz, Austria. This company deals not only with the provision of high-speed Internet solutions but also with providing hardware, software as well as newest IT accessories. Their services are vital for everyday life activities such as searching for Information, exchanging data between branch offices, keep in touch via business software. CNet (Fugger Computertechnik) delivers its solutions to individuals as well as companies (small, medium, large enterprises) operating in the country.


CNet (Fugger Computertechnik) offers all businesses (small, medium, large enterprises) in DSL - products that are around the clock. They offer the freedom to spend as much time on the Net, as you need. There will be no telephone fees or additional telecom costs. CDSL Business 3072/512 made it possible via the unbundling of local loops. CNet delivers this service to you from a single source, to guarantee the highest availability and stability. Monthly volume is unlimited. If you choose 12 months offer, there is additional 1-year payment of USD 52.92. If you choose 24 months for using this service, there is no such additional cost for you to pay. Decision is yours.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
CDSL Business 3072/512 3 Mbit/s 512 kbit/s Business Internet $41,58 monthly