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Address: Yerevan , Koryun st. 7apt

Phone(s): +37415500500


Registered in the following countries: Armenia

CrossNet was founded in 2003. As the first alternative non-geographic (060) code operator in Armenia, the company is active in the market of fixed voice services, offering cable և multifunctional landline telephony with IP technology. The second direction of the company's activity is the provision of fiber-optic internet connection ումը the provision of large-scale digital data transmission over longer distances through SONET technology. As a third area of ​​activity, CrossNet cooperates with Armenian travel agencies, providing business solutions to the latter to connect with the leading airline reservation systems.


Fiber optic internet connection is one of the modern տվյալների advanced data transmission technologies, which provides huge speed of data flows. Fiber optic cable is a flexible, transparent fiber, slightly thicker than human hair, made of glass. The fibers are not exposed to electromagnetic effects և transmit signals with as little loss as possible. Instead of radio waves, the fiber carries a beam of light, which enables a stable, reliable, high-speed broadband Internet connection. Being an active provider of fiber optic internet connection in Armenia, "CrossNet" company offers various tariff plans for unlimited internet service.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP 1024 Mbit/s 1024 Mbit/s Fiber to the home $price on request monthly