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Address: Segersbyvägen 7, 145 63 Stockholm

Phone(s): +4684440444


Registered in the following countries: Sweden


Datason, founded in 2010, is a well-known internet service provider (ISP) which has thousands of customers from all over the world. The reason that customers from the Sweden, Germany, Austria, Turkiye, Canada, United States of America, India, Spain and many more countries have chosen for Datason is because we are an organization with years of experience and highly trained and enthusiastic manpower which will always meet the requirements and demands for your business. Our technical professionals help our very valued customers by creating the most secure hosting environment for their critical applications and services. One of the prior advantages of Datason is the unbeaten value for money ratio, that is why our hosting solutions always go with the most cost efficient manner. Datason has proven to be a reliable hosting partner by growing more than 200% in the past 3 years and is still one of the fast growing hosting organizations in Europe.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Dedicated Servers 1000 Mbit/s 1000 Mbit/s Business Internet $286 monthly 321