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Dial-up Internet Access

Cyber Mesa Telecom

Address: 4200 Rodeo Road Santa Fe, NM 87507

Phone(s): (888) 988-2700


Registered in the following countries: Argentina

Cyber Mesa is an ISP in “state-of-the-art” business. It offers also residential Internet access both with telephone services. They operate in many of the markets in New Mexico. Their fiber-based, high-speed network have 2 separate paths to the Internet backbone, assuring you of “always on” service.


Cyber Mesa Telecom has something special to offer you - voice and data bundles. Our services are specially designed to support your family, friends - no matter how big or small group it is. If you like checking emails, browsing the web, or maybe finishing a big project for work, doing research, we have the solution for you. One option is Dial-up connection that you can use from time to time at standard speeds (56K).



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Dial-up Internet Access 56 kbit/s 56 kbit/s Dial-up access $price on request monthly