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Dial-up by Swazi Telecom

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Dial-up by Swazi Telecom


Address: Mbabane, Mahlokohla Street, Phutfumani Building, Mbabane, P.O. Box 125 Mbabane, H100

Phone(s): 8002000 or 2405 2000 or 971


Registered in the following countries: Swaziland

SwaziTelecom gives Internet users the wide range of global quality telecommunication services with direct dialing to over 200 countries and a 24-hour operator assisted service. Moreover, SwaziTelecom offers ADSL Broadband. Not enough? There is also another range of products and services. They are based on "wired and unwired" networks, including customer premises equipment (PABX).


Swazi Telecom offers the Analogue Single Account. Such an account is dedicated for small businesses and residential customers. The cost of installation for each account is USD 16 and the monthly rental is USD 8. The monthly rental is incorporated in your monthly telephone bills.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Dial-up by Swazi Telecom 56 kbit/s 56 kbit/s Dial-up access $8 monthly