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Diginet lines


Address: 1st Floor Eagle Park corner of Bosmansdam and Omuramba road Milnerton Cape Town 7447

Phone(s): 086 111 4035


Registered in the following countries: South Africa

Dynacomm is an Internet Provider based in Cape Town. The company would like to deliver internet solutions all around Africa and to become more international. The customer service do everything to assist its clients. Dynacomm is situated near Business Park where you can rest and think about Dynacomm’s offer.


Diginet is some kind of a synchronous data transfer service (SDTS). It provides very secure, high quality PP services via a digital transmission network. Diginet lines are available in many capacities starting from 64Kb up to 2MB, and are sold in structured contention ratios. Unlike ADSL, Diginet offers guaranteed bandwidth on demand. As the company underlines: Diginet lines are monitored 24/7/365 for faults and quality throughput. Diginet is ideally suited for customers who cannot afford to be offline and require fixed cost, guaranteed connectivity.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Diginet lines 64 kbit/s 64 kbit/s Home Internet $price on request monthly
Diginet lines 2 Mbit/s 2 Mbit/s Home Internet $price on request monthly