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EarthLink Telecommunications

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EarthLink Telecommunications

EarthLink Telecommunications

Address: Karrada / Al Arasat شارع عرصات الهندية,رقم البناية 332/579 مقابل مكتب النبال للتحويلات محلة 929 Baghdad - Iraq

Phone(s): brak


Registered in the following countries: Iraq

Firma Earthlink przedstawia samą siebie jako największą firmę inernet provider in Iraq. Stworzenie firmy zostało zrobione w roku 2005 roku. Earthlink ma ambicje na rozszerzanie swoich usług czego dowodem jest stworzenie 400 punktów w każdym dużym mieście oraz małym miasteczku w iraku. Earthlink obsługuje również wiele biur rządowych oraz prywatne firmy.


Earth Link uses a new technology that offers its customers. Global standards are the main criterion of the company's policy. Please read the offer of the company. Also the price is attractive. The quality is top most standards. If your business depends on reliable Internet Service, has internet applications that use a lot of bandwidth or you use cloud based business critical applications accessed via the Internet, then Dedicated internet access is the ideal solution. With a range of speeds, the service provides faster, more reliable secure internet access than today's business broadband services offer. It is an un-contended service which means you will receive all the bandwidth you are paying for, and the flexibility to increase bandwidth requirements quickly as your needs change. As a leading IT services and communications provider in Iraq, EarthLink Business helps IT leaders to drive the development strategy at businesses of all sizes. EarthLink does this by providing wide range of services, and secure end-to-end network and IT solutions that help clients reduce capital expenditures and improve operations, all supported by an experienced customer care team.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
EarthLink Telecommunications 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $price on request yearly