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Far Family Plan

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Far Family Plan

Cotel Ltda.

Address: Av. Mariscal Santa Cruz No. 980Planta Low - Section 633

Phone(s): 591 2) 2609150 - 800 16 1515


Registered in the following countries: Bolivia

Cotel Ltda. is a customer-oriented company that has the aim to deliver entertainment and Internet access across the country. Today, it's sure that the great part of the telephone network is digital. Telephony, Cotel TV, Broadband, Triple Play are leading Cotel services in the country. Their offerings are directed to businesses and individuals that would like to use high quality products at cost-effective prices.


Cotel Ltda. offers Far Family Plan with unlimited capacity, speeds up to 4 Mbps at a cost-effective rate of .46 a month. Cotel Broadband is a high quality service providing customers with Internet access at very high speeds, full Internet and WF solutions with a goal to deliver fast Internet to homes and villas. Important: you must have a telephone line installed to use this Internet plan.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Far Family Plan 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Home Internet $96,46 monthly