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Fiber optic Internet 300Mb

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Fiber optic Internet 300Mb

Vozplus Telecomunicaciones S.L.

Address: Calle Antonio Machado 12, Las Lagunas de Mijas 29651 Málaga

Phone(s): 951 00 11 00 / 952 66 36 47


Registered in the following countries: Spain

Vozplus Telecomunicaciones is a telecommunications company that operates locally. They are headquartered in Mijas, Málaga. They specialize in the provision of fixed telephony as well as Internet services across the country. They deliver their services mainly for residential use but their wide scope of products also is also provided to businesses across the Costa del Sol. They are an authorized operator (CMT) so that they can offer competitive rates for phone calls, landline as well as broadband connections.


Vozplus Telecomunicaciones is a telecommunications company that delivers not only Wifi services but also VOZPLUS optical fiber. Package called Fiber optic Internet 300Mb is much faster than dial-ups and other occasional Internet services and it allows you to upload and download files at a really high speeds (10x faster than DSL), you can watch your favorite movies online, browse the Net on a multiple devices at the same time, and it’s a low latency service so that at 300Mb speeds you will be able to play online games with no surprising interruptions. Fiber optic Internet 300Mb has 100Mbps for uploads and 300Mbps for downloads and it costs USD 51.04 a month.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Fiber optic Internet 300Mb 29.98 Mbit/s 100 Mbit/s Fiber to the home $51,04 monthly