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Flatrate4 Akullermik

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Flatrate4 Akullermik

TELE Greenland A/S

Address: TELE-POST, Postboks 1002, 3900 Nuuk

Phone(s): +299 34 12 55, + 299 32 22 55 ,80 80 80


Registered in the following countries: Greenland

TELE Greenland A/S is a telecommunication company operating in Greenland. They also offer postal as well as IT services across the country. TELE Greenland A/S was established in 1925. The company is headquartered in Nuuk, Greenland. They specializes in the provision of mobile services, Broadband access and also telephony products and solutions. The company also deals with 3 other business areas thanks to which TELE Greenland A/S has a wide audience all around the country.


TELE Greenland A/S offers many Internet and Internet-related services thanks to which you can receive high quality, reliable and very fast Internet connection of 4 Mbps / 1 Mbps speeds at the monthly price of USD 194.85 and 150GB of monthly data allowance. Flatrate4 is designed for residential use. Thanks to this Internet package you will be able to surf the Web, chat with your friends, send e-mails, use social media, download files, and more.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Flatrate4 Akullermik 4 Mbit/s 1 Mbit/s Home Internet $194,85 monthly 150GB