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Focusinfocom Wi-fi

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Focusinfocom Wi-fi

Focus Infocom Pvt. Ltd.

Address: H.Vaaly Villa (4th floor), Majeedhee Magu, 20042, Male', Republic of Maldives

Phone(s): +960 332 3355


Registered in the following countries: Maldives

Raajjé Online (Focus Infocom Pvt. Ltd. is known as the internet service provider that operates in the Maldives. They are delivering unlimited high-speed broadband internet access to homes, enterprises, resorts and other big organizations. Their revolutionary ways of IT service providing have set new market standards. At their IT services they use fixed & wireless nomadic/mobile radio technology was used to provide their internet services. Here are some other services that they are delivering: Broadband Internet Access using 2-Way Satellite Broadband technology, email & web hosting solutions, access to web-based online business applications, ftp services, and a whole host of other value added services such as VPN, video conferencing, an more.


FocusInfoCom offers Wi-Fi solutions to customers that are looking for a fast, reliable and secure way to setup Wireless Networks to carry Broadband Internet or personal data. They utilize modern technologies that provides high quality services. High-performance as well as extended coverage is great for SMEs that can benefit from this type of Internet connectivity - Wi-Fi . You can transfer voice over Wi-Fi, IP-based video or even secure enterprise access, and much more.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Focusinfocom Wi-fi 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Wi-Fi $price on request monthly