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Four Plus

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Four Plus


Address: 4/1 Argishti Str., 0015 Erywań

Phone(s): +374 60 771 111


Registered in the following countries: Armenia

VIVA Cell MTS was established in 2005. This company from the very beginning of their operation had 1 main aim - to provide the citizens of Armenia with high quality, reliable, secure mobile communication tools - mobile Internet access, so that everyone will be able to use their services. VIVA Cell MTS has a wide scope of user-friendly products & services which are most popular within young people groups. Even businessmen or housewives or people living in very remote places in the country will be able to use mobile Internet access.


VIVA Cell MTS offers a QUARTET package including 4 products set of high quality delivering fiber, IP-TV as well as Internet, fixed solutions plus mobile telephony services. They all are recommended for home users. This package can be used in "V" residential district residents. The Four Plus is one from 3 available in options. This package includes 120 + 4 HD Channels (VoD – 300 drams for each downloading), Internet speed up to 30 Mbps, 1500 minutes for calls to fixed networks of VivaCell-MTS, 2nd card with 1000 on-net minutes and 500MB (mobile phone services after reaching monthly quota). Four Plus costs USD 52.50 a month (deposit cost is USD 84).



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Four Plus 30 Mbit/s 30 Mbit/s Fiber to the home $52,50 monthly