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Giga (by Powernet)

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Giga (by Powernet)

Powernet Russia

Address: Friendship, 74 Volgograd , Russia

Phone(s): 8-800-5500-800, 8 (8442) 55-00-40


Registered in the following countries: Russia

Powernet was established in 1997, Volzhsky. Their coverage area is 'Volgograd, Volzhsky, city Dubovka, of Kalach-on-Don, p. Bereslavka, p. Vodstroi, p. Mound, p. Gorky, p. Gumrak (airport), p. Erzovka, p. Krasnooktyabrsky, p. New Rogachik, p. Srednyaya Akhtuba'. To their main areas of interest we may add: High-speed Internet access for individuals and legal bodies, digital TV with support for HD and 3D television (IPTV), digital telephony, city network Wi-Fi Free and video surveillance.


Powernet as an ISP in Russia offers Giga Internet plan at blazing speeds of 220/110 Mbps together with 43 TV channels + 8 HD (for a PC) at very cost-effective monthly price. This bundle is especially dedicated for corporates and for those who need a very fast Internet service thanks to which you will be able to surf the Internet, download large files, share data, use online applications and much more. This offer is ideal for all business clients with high demands.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Giga (by Powernet) 110 Mbit/s 220 Mbit/s Business Internet $13,20 monthly