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HALO SFR pro 20

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HALO SFR pro 20

SFR Mayotte

Address: SFR Customer Service Mayotte - BP 418 ZI Kaweni. 97600 MAMOUDZOU

Phone(s): 1097, landline: dial 0639 69 2000 abroad: dial +262 69 639 2000


Registered in the following countries: Mayotte

SFR Mayotte’s plan was to introduce mobile telephony services on the island and this target was achieved in 2001. SFR Mayotte has presented new phone services to Mayotte that are present on the local market till today. SFR Mayotte is considered to be a pioneer and a top ISP player in the country. They launched mobile Internet services in 2006 (GPRS as well as EDGE plus WAP). In 2011, they launched 3G mobile services to reach younger audience. SFR has created a 3G key SFR thanks to which it’s able to access a throughput up to 6 x higher than that which exists now. This telecommunications operator has amazed many customers by the quality of its services and new technologies.


SFR Mayotte offers business plans including high speed Internet connectivity so that your business will thrive. This offer includes calls to landlines and mobiles in Mayotte, Reunion and other cities( *4 hours). Text messages (SMS) to all mobile Mayotte, Reunion and mainland France (unlimited). The 3G+ Internet at a standard price of about USD 27.00 . 12-month or 24-month engagement required. This offer is for commercial use only.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
HALO SFR pro 20 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Business Internet $27 monthly