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IM2 Fit (Cable Internet)

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IM2 Fit (Cable Internet)

Indosat Mega Media (IM2)

Address: Jl. Kebagusan Raya No. 36, Pasar Minggu, Jakarta 12550 - Indonesia

Phone(s): (+62 21) 7854-6900, (+62 21) 7854-6800


Registered in the following countries: Indonesia

Indosat Mega Media (IndosatM2) is an ISP located in Indonesia. This is a company owned by PT Indosat Tbk who are the top telecommunications deliverers in Indonesia. They started to deliver their services in full range in 2000. IndosatM2 serve 4 clients' segments: corporate, government, institutional, residential and individuals. Business clients prefer network Virtual Private Network (VPN) and other professional services.


Indosat M2 offers consumers new Internet Services PostPaid option called IM2 Fit (Cable Internet). Personal Cable Internet is a right solution for a single user demand for a high speed internet access with secure, stable and of high speeds bandwidth. This product uses Fiber Optic as well as Hybrid Fiber Coaxial cables with a maximum speeds up to 1 Mbps.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
IM2 Fit (Cable Internet) 384 kbit/s 384 kbit/s Cable Internet access $14,60 monthly
IM2 Fit (Cable Internet) 1 Mbit/s 1 Mbit/s Cable Internet access $36,50 monthly
IM2 Fit (Cable Internet) 512 kbit/s 512 kbit/s Cable Internet access $25,60 monthly