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IPTEC 4G WiMAX broadband

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IPTEC 4G WiMAX broadband


Address: Hai-Amarat, Juba, South Sudan

Phone(s): +211 929 007 000, +211 929 007 004-7


Registered in the following countries: South Sudan

IPTEC Ltd. is a top Internet Service Provider headquartered in Hai Amarat, Juba in South Sudan. It's also the company that provides ICT solutions in South Sudan to local community. They are delivering Internet services, data communication, WiMAX , Satellite connectivity and also other solutions. IPTEC offers 4G WiMAX mainly in Juba as well as other services that connects also on the basis of C-Band, KU-Band, KA-Band. They also provide to corporate clients VPN networks across South Sudan.


IPTEC can offer a reliable Internet connectivity for businesses of any sizes to achieve their goals and still be successful. IPTEC has in its offer a high-speed and high quality, tailored to business needs, dependable and very simple to use broadband connection that can be ‘always on’. IPTEC 4G WiMAX broadband is mainly available in Juba. IPTEC 4G WiMAX is an afforable solution which is not affected by the weather conditions.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
IPTEC 4G WiMAX broadband 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s WiMAX $price on request monthly