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Internet connection via CDMA

Comores Telecom

Address: 1 rue Volo Volo Moroni Grd Comores, Comores, Volo Volo COMORES TELECOM B.P. 7000 Moroni Moroni

Phone(s): 763 43 45


Registered in the following countries: Comoros

Comores Télécom (National Telecommunications Company of Comoros) is a telecommunication company headquartered and operating in Comoros. They deliver mobile services, telephony and Internet access solutions to local community. Their customer care service is waiting for your call to answer all questions and share with you a piece of information about newest technologies and new areas where the Internet services can be provided. The range of their services includes CDMA, Mpessi, Rtc, and more.


Comores Telecom offers you Internet connection over a modem with a built-in COM so that all customers will be able to use Internet access. Speeds are reliable, stable and they reach the level of 153 Kbps. Thanks to this service you will be sure that you will save time and money. The cost of this tariff includes unlimited calls to fixed numbers and CDMA. This offer is designed for residential use (mainly).



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Internet connection via CDMA 153 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Home Internet $16,50 monthly