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K-NET Ku &C Band uplink

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K-NET Ku &C Band uplink


Address: No.12 Roman Ridge Street Roman Ridge Accra - Ghana

Phone(s): +233 302 769306, +233 302 769445, +233 302 770833


Registered in the following countries: Ghana, Nigeria

K-NET was founded in 1996. Then it was incorporated as a Private limited liability Company. K-NET have all licenses that are needed to provide customers with Internet access solutions in many variations. K-NET are the only business in Ghana that has built its own network infrastructure binding several platforms into 1 centrally controlled network. Their mission is to enable businesses to put much emphasis on their top operations & leave communication infrastructure to the specialist that can help by providing needed solutions.


K-NET uses VSAT Teleports situated in Accra. They have systems on Ku-Band as well as C-Band platforms. These Teleports are connected to an iDirect 5IF VSAT Hub placed at K-NET’s McCarthy Hill Tech Centre. The Ku-band and the C-Band have the coverage over West African Region, so that services can be provided to clients in all of these cities, towns and remote places. VSAT Hub has the capability to deliver network connectivity to any location across the sub-region. Today, K-NET have VSAT clients in Ghana & Nigeria, with very close plans to extend services to other places such as Liberia & Sierra Leone.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
K-NET Ku &C Band uplink 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Satellite & VSAT $price on request monthly