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Kölbi Connection Plan 6

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Kölbi Connection Plan 6


Address: Torre de Telecomunicaciones, Main Floor, Calle 50, Sabana Sur, San José

Phone(s): 1193, 1024


Registered in the following countries: Costa Rica

kölbi is an Internet Service Provider as well as Telecommunications company operating in Costa Rica. They have a wide range of products between which we may find TV services, Internet and Internet-related products, 4G and other mobile services. They direct their offers to businesses and individuals so that you may choose your favorite service which you will be using for the time you need it. kölbi is one of leading telecommunications companies in Costa Rica.


Kölbi can offer you Connection Plan 6 as a mobile connectivity for business needs. This plan includes Internet package as well as a mobile telephony service, SMS messages, and more. You can use it every day taking into account your data, voice and SMS needs. Internet speed can reach the level of 6 Mbps. This package also includes 1000 minutes for calls, 2000 SMS and an affordable monthly cost. Monthly prices are very cost-effective and you can be sure that you will save your time and money thanks to this service. This Connection Plan 6 is highly recommended for individual use.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Kölbi Connection Plan 6 6 Mbit/s 128 kbit/s Mobile broadband $81 monthly