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Innonet ICT-Services GmbH

Address: Wirtschaftspark Breitensee Goldschlagstraße 172/5/1 1140 Wien Österreich

Phone(s): Tel: 057 745 745 Fax: 057 745 746


Registered in the following countries: Austria

Innonet ICT-Services GmbH is an Internet Service Provider as well as IT and telecommunications services deliverer. The company started to provide their services in 1997. They specializes in the provision of fiber-optic networks across Austria. Their headquarter is based in Wien, Austria. They offer only user-friendly, high-class services for residential and business use. Between their services you may find Internet and TV services, triple play, data centers,and more. They have been operating on the IT market over 60 years.


Innonet ICT-Services GmbH offers now limitless, reliable, service thanks to which you can surf the Net with a pleasure via super-fast fiber optic connection. Innonet real FTTH (Fiber to the Home) is packed in a tariff called LUMI 10 which includes Internet of symmetrical speeds up to 10,000 Kbps, 1 fixed IP address, 109 TV channels (1 time payment of USD 52.92) for only USD 26.89 a month plus ISP fee paid once a year which amounts to USD 16.20. This offer is recommended for households.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
LUMI 10 9.77 Mbit/s 9.77 Mbit/s Fiber to the home $26,89 monthly