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Melsa Hot Spots

Melsa ISP

Address: Paskal Hyper Square Blok C No. 39-41, Jl. H. O. S. Tjokroaminoto (Pasirkaliki) No. 25-27 Bandung 40181 - Indonesia

Phone(s): Phone: +62(22) 8606 1101 Helpdesk: +62(22) 8606 1100 Faximile: +62(22) 8606 1111


Registered in the following countries: Indonesia

Melsa ISP is and Internet Service Provider in Indonesia with much experience in IT sector. Their offer includes dedicated services with Internet access which is reliable, secure, flexible and at affordable prices. Melsa ISP can provide you with great technical support and highly recommended customer service. Day in, day out there are more and more innovative services presented and implemented in companies' structures.


MELSA HOTSPOT Cooperation via the free Hot Spot service can be delivered to all that need Internet access at the site Mitra. You will only need to use Wi-fi technology devices (laptops, smartphones, etc. ) Partners can only deliver devices or electrical permits in places where MELSA HOTSPOT operates. To the benefits one can add: free internet access for partners, technician support all day long; visits & maintenance services each month at partner locations, and more.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Melsa Hot Spots 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Wi-Fi $price on request monthly