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Mobile Internet 2GB (for new customers)

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Mobile Internet 2GB (for new customers)

Claro El Salvador

Address: Edificio F, 1st Floor, Calle Liverpool & Final Calle El Progreso, Colonia Roma, San Salvador

Phone(s): T : 2271-7010 F : 2221-4849


Registered in the following countries: El Salvador

Claro El Salvador is an Internet and telecommunications provider across San Salvador. They provide voice as well as data services to the telecom market across the country. They are headquartered in Colonia Roma, San Salvador. Claro El Salvador offers mainly mobile Internet tariffs and other Internet-related services for individuals and businesses that would like to use reliable, secure and affordable Internet access in their every day lives.


Claro El Salvador offers Mobile Internet package 2GB which is directed to new Claro Customers. Capacity amounts to 2GB and you can get for free Model E3531. If you need E5330 or HotSpot Modem E5330– they cost USD 2.02 and USD 20.02 . No promotion applies. Mobile Internet Package 2GB allows you to use 2GB capacity for web surfing, downloading apps, social networking and much more. Everything depends on your needs and imagination (what you really would like to do online). Claro New Customers will be able to use also other Mobile Internet packages. Mobile Internet packages for new customers are for residential use.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
Mobile Internet 2GB (for new customers) 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Mobile broadband $13,99 monthly 2GB