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PTE High Speed Bandwidth tariffs

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PTE High Speed Bandwidth tariffs

Pishgaman Towseh Ertebatat

Address: Opposite Derakhahn Factory, Chamran Street, Yazd

Phone(s): 24535000, fax 88622903, 23545-021


Registered in the following countries: Iran

Pishgaman Towseh Ertebatat is an Internet Service Provider in Iran. The first activities of the companz can be dated back to the year 1375. At first the company was specialized in providing many various services ISP, ISDP, VOIP, ICT. Today, Pishgaman Towseh Ertebatat has expanded the range of its activities across Iran to deliver IT-based services with the coverage across 26 provinces plus 200 cities of Iran.


Pishgaman Towseh Ertebatat knows that for a today business needs high quality, secure and reliable services at high speeds are of the highest importance so that they have invented special tariffs called High Speed Bandwidth tariffs between which you will be able to find over 6 speeds plans starting from 128 Kbps up to the sky. PTE High Speed Bandwidth tariffs are dedicated for the local community of Iran.



Name Download Upload Type Price Payments FAP
PTE High Speed Bandwidth tariffs 512 kbit/s 128 kbit/s Business Internet $price on request monthly